Huddig doubles up with the launch of HUDDIG 1370 and HUDDIG 1370T.

Huddig launches not only one but two machines. HUDDIG 1370 is diesel-powered, with the option of running on HVO, while HUDDIG 1370T is a full-hybrid based on the same platform.

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"We are now entering a whole new era. From now on, customers will choose between diesel and hybrid power in every segment. For us, it is natural to shoulder our responsibility in the green transition. This also means new opportunities for the entire industry, given the emerging focus on sustainability.", Lars Lindahl, CEO of Huddig AB, says.

The new machines have been redesigned almost from scratch, where several key components such as the excavator arm, and cab have been reworked. In addition, the machines can be equipped with a third double-acting hydraulic power outlet that can run simultaneously with the other two.


New excavator arm

A new geometry of the excavator arm provides a stronger excavator unit on both machines compared to the predecessor, HUDDIG 1260E. Major new features include a 10% increase in reach, a 20% increase in lifting power, and a 40% increase in slewing torque. The new design of HUDDIG 1370 with both new geometry and an increased working pressure to 245 bar provides more power in both loader and excavator unit. The hybrid machine HUDDIG 1370T has the same working pressure in the hydraulics as HUDDIG 1260E, 233 bar. Both models deliver 260 bar working pressure with the optional boost hydraulics, making them Huddig's most powerful excavator loaders ever.

"The increased lifting height makes the 1370-models optimized for loading trucks. Combined with the increased lifting power, there are great opportunities for improvements in productivity. In pure numbers this means, among other things, 20% increased lifting power and as much as 40% increased slewing power, which facilitates planning with the excavator unit”, Per-Olof Jonsson, Project Manager, says.

Third double-acting hydraulic outlet

The third double-acting hydraulic outlet makes it possible to operate three hydraulic functions simultaneously. This upgrade, combined with a hard- and software solution developed by Huddig, called FlexLever™, allows the operator to safely move selected functions on the joystick’s buttons.

"This is a completely new way to customize hydraulic functions according to the operator's preferences. If you have several operators on the same machine, they can easily adjust the functions on the display and choose how to control, for example, grapple, rotor, and tilt. These personal settings make the work more efficient", Daniel Åkerström, Software Developer, says.

The HUDDIG 1370 models have a more comfortable cab. Thanks to the new HVAC and AC, the working environment and driving experience are further improved. The upgraded HVAC unit was originally developed to efficiently cool the battery of HUDDIG 1370T. Huddig chose to also let HUDDIG 1370 inherit this technology.

"The cab has a brand new, highly efficient HVAC unit with heater control in the engine display. We have put a lot of emphasis on operator comfort, including a new comfortable seat, USB socket, and Bluetooth connectivity. We have also added a RAM mount so that the operator can keep track of, for example, tablet, mobile phone, and other tools in a safe and convenient way, " Fredrik Forsberg, Engineer and Project Manager, says.

Prepared for IoT

HUDDIG 1370T has an IoT connection as standard, and HUDDIG 1370 comes prepared for IoT. The connection gives both customers and servicers the ability to constantly monitor the health of the machines. By real-time monitoring the machine's status and needs, it is possible to, among other things, optimize service intervals.

”By connecting the machines to a portal at Huddig, our customers can collect and analyze data from their machine park. At the same time, malfunctions can be detected and remedied more quickly," Per Söderström, Engineer, says.

In the after-sales department, optimum service intervals and an increased life span of the machines have been important in the development of the new models.

“The possibility to follow the machine's status gives the service agents the opportunity to provide customers with even better service, also proactively. This increases the durability and lifespan of the machines and reduces the risk of unexpected downtime," Maria Thurin, Aftermarket Manager says.

Tigon Technology

The full hybrid technology was launched in 2015 when Huddig showcased the first concept machine with Tigon Technology. Two TIGON machines are now in full operation for customers in Sweden. The TIGON machines are highly appreciated thanks to their low noise level and the increased power impresses the drivers.

The color scheme of the first TIGON machines is unique. The specially developed color, Tigon Ice, consists of ice blue and white tones.

"We have considered sustainability in everything. The color of TIGON is inspired by the sea, which for us reflects purity and sustainability," Daniel Myrgren, Marketing and Sales Manager says.

A clear trend in the industry is that increased environmental requirements from clients of construction services are driving demand for hybrid machines.

"Environmental requirements are set at both national and global levels. This increases the demand for our customers to deliver sustainable construction services. This, in turn, generates a strong demand for our machines, especially for HUDDIG 1370T," Daniel continues.

With the launch of HUDDIG 1370 and HUDDIG 1370T, Huddig is taking a stand for increased choice and sustainability in the construction industry. The launch of the new models gives customers the option of choosing between full hybrid and diesel power. This means that Huddig is at the forefront of the electrification of construction machines.

"The timing of the Twin Power launch, HUDDIG 1370T in particular, is perfect given the sustainability requirements from government agencies that are emerging. I am extremely proud that we have the heavy technical competence and experience within the company to lead the sustainable transition in the industry", Lars Lindahl concludes.


The machines will be shown to the public for the first time at Svenska Maskinmässan, Solvalla, Sweden, June 2-4 2022.

For more information contact Daniel Myrgren, Marketing- and Sales Manager +4670 572 43 00

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