MOBA Sweden has in collaboration with Huddig developed a solution for machine control for backhoe loaders

In collaboration with Huddig, MOBA Sweden has developed a solution for machine control for backhoe loaders. The system has two profiles that facilitate alternating work with the excavator arm and the front loader. The solution is based on MOBA Sweden's 3D system Xsite PRO, a GNSS-based system that guarantees high precision, safety, and accuracy in, for example, rough and fine grading.

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Machine control is an important tool today and a prerequisite for efficient work at many construction sites. The excavation system is based on MOBA Sweden's proven technology for excavators and enables precise releases and control measurements.

"We have seen an increased demand for machine control and 3D systems among our customers. MOBA Sweden's products are at the forefront when it comes to innovation projects in machine control, and we are very happy about the collaboration. Together, we have found a good solution for backhoe loaders that covers the entire machine, both the loader and backhoe side/excavation arm, which contributes to a much-increased customer benefit", says Daniel Myrgren, marketing and sales manager, Huddig AB.

With a HUDDIG that is equipped with MOBA's excavation system, the operator can seamlessly switch between the two profiles, which allows optimized use of both the front loader and the excavator's arm. Huddig's integrated rotation sensors are used in the boom and waist, which provides a constant position on both buckets.

The system offers easy navigation where the driver can monitor the work and get real-time information through a 8,4-inch display that is placed in the cab.

MOBA's excavation system is ordered exclusively through Huddig's dealers or directly from MOBA Sweden. Several test systems have already been delivered to customers around Sweden.

"Machine control contributes to increased efficiency and safety and provides opportunities for increased profitability for the contractor. When the work is performed correctly from the start, you can save both time and money", Patrik Wallgren, CEO of MOBA Sweden says.

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