Good reasons to choose a HUDDIG

Over the past 60 years, Huddig's machines have operated on their own level. We build our models for customers looking for the ultimate work machine with the highest efficiency and functionality. But what exact features and benefits distinguish us from other market competitors? Here are the top six reasons to choose a HUDDIG.

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As one of the most competent and powerful tool carriers on the market, a HUDDIG can perform the same jobs as three other machines - and with only one operator. This means faster execution, greater flexibility and higher profitability.
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Technology leading

Our advanced technology has been at the forefront of the industry for several decades. Built for the harsh Scandinavian climate, we stretch the boundaries of what is possible and ensure functionality through rigorous testing.
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Unbeatable overall economy

The investment cost of a HUDDIG may be slightly higher than other machines on the market, but thanks to higher productivity, reliability and a high resale value, you get unbeatable overall economy.
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Oscillation pivot

HUDDIG's unique oscillating pivot keeps all four wheels on the ground, allowing the machine to get travel in almost all kinds of terrain and conditions.
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Hydrostatic transmission

The two-speed hydrostatic transmission provides soft and responsive progress and is steplessly adjustable in soft or sports mode.
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Perfect balance

Step into a HUDDIG and you feel the difference straight away. Each machine part, function and detail is built for agility, flexibility and comfort – all in perfect balance for the optimal driving experience.

Efficiency on a whole new level

So how effective is a HUDDIG? Our machines have long proven their efficiency in the CITY, CABLE and RAIL segments, we're not saying that Huddig is the best at everything, but have you considered that a HUDDIG, with the right accessories, can replace several traditional machines on a construction site? Wheel excavators, wheel loaders, TMA vehicles and trucks that require an operator, expensive fuel and space in the workplace, can today be replaced by a single diverse and versatile HUDDIG. This means a more flexible workflow and lower operating costs.

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