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An inspiring post on Instagram led to Max's dream job at Kungsängens Entreprenad.

Huddig Kundcase Max

Max Björklund works full-time on HUDDIG machines for Kungsängens Entreprenad, Sweden. Jonas Kilsgård, whom you might have seen in our feed before, owns and runs the company and often demonstrates our various HUDDIG machines.

Max and his colleagues are working on a large construction project in Sundbyberg, Stockholm, building rental spaces for different companies. Using their HUDDIG machines, they perform various tasks, including connecting pipelines, excavation, servicing, refilling, connecting water and sewage systems, and fine grading.

Max operates a HUDDIG 1260D, model year 2017, and has worked with construction machines for nearly ten years before starting with HUDDIG. His family has a history in construction, and Max grew up on a farm where he was always involved in operating machinery.

"I've operated various machines and started my machine operating career handling feed for the horses on the farm where I grew up. My grandfather, who had HYMAS 900 machines, was a big idol, and it feels amazing to look back on that time now that I operate HUDDIG."

After seeing a picture on Instagram that Jonas had shared, Max contacted him, expressing his desire to operate HUDDIG machines. Initially, Jonas mentioned there were no available positions. However, the conversation shifted to Volvo BM; the rest is history.

"We started talking about the 'Gold Digger,' the 6300 Volvo BM and 40 minutes flew by. Then we met and clicked right away. The passion for HUDDIG machines brought us together. I started with a temporary position and now have my own HUDDIG. I'm happy I took the chance and called Jonas because now I have my dream job."

Max believes that the significant advantages of HUDDIG machines lie in their safety and cabin comfort, something that makes a huge difference in his daily life.

"A HUDDIG gives you superior 360-degree visibility around the machine. Compared to other machines that only have good visibility forward and to the sides, it's much easier to notice things you need to pay attention to in the surroundings and, of course, dangers. Depending on my sitting position, I also have rear-view cameras to see both forward and backward. The seat rotates 180 degrees, so I sit comfortably and safely regardless of the task. For instance, digging ditches is incredibly smooth with a HUDDIG."

Easy-to-access and user-friendly levers that can be programmed to suit individual preferences have been particularly important for Max due to a wrist injury.

"With regular levers, I have to use my entire arm. I can handle the HUDDIG levers with just my fingers. The superior hydraulics also mean I use minimal force and get full feedback, allowing me to work without risking aggravating my old injury."

Machine control is an integral part of Max's work. He is also a prototype driver for Leica, providing feedback and helping develop the system. He tests, among other things, a prototype with machine control for both excavator loaders and wheel loaders on his machine.

"I get early access to new program versions, which may contain bug fixes and other improvements. Since machine control is crucial for machine operators, it feels great to be involved in developing and improving them. I look forward to further following the work on machine control for HUDDIG machines."

In addition to his work as a machine operator, Max is also responsible for the company's vehicles, which involves managing repairs, purchasing spare parts, and liaising with service technicians.

"It's great to also be involved in machine servicing – that's when you learn the machine and its functions even better. Thorough servicing also extends the machines' lifespan and reduces wear on axles. That's a big reason we perform full service on our machines every five hundred hours instead of every thousand, which is the standard. We're convinced that we reduce downtime and increase the machines' resale value by servicing frequently."

Kungsängens Entreprenad currently has four HUDDIG 1260D machines, one HUDDIG 1260C machine, and two HUDDIG 1260B machines, all fully utilized. Max is confident demand for skilled machine operators will continue, especially for various service jobs.

"Another advantage of operating HUDDIG is that you can tackle anything - sweeping, digging ditches, bush clearing, snow removal, asphalt work, and more. You name it. We'll definitely continue to keep ourselves busy with our HUDDIG machines, that's for sure," Max concludes.



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