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Read about Tobias Nilsson's move from HUDDIG 1260D to a fully equipped HUDDIG 1370 CITY.

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Tobias Nilsson about moving from HUDDIG 1260D to a fully equipped HUDDIG 1370 CITY

On September 26, 2023, Tobias Nilsson, who owns and runs TN Grävtjänst in Sweden, switched to Huddig's latest model. The step was then taken from HUDDIG 1260D CITY to HUDDIG 1370 CITY, and the improvements are significant, according to him. He is incredibly impressed with the updated excavator unit.

Customer Cases - Customer Cases CITY

Lockwood Construction restores beach damage with HUDDIG 1370

During the holidays, the town of Hanesville needed help following extreme storms, causing irreparable damage to the Beach Levee protecting Hansville, Kitsap County. Lockwood Construction then came to the rescue with its HUDDIG 1370 CITY.

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An inspiring post on Instagram led to Max's dream job at Kungsängens Entreprenad.

Max operates a HUDDIG 1260D, model year 2017, and has worked with construction machines for nearly ten years before starting with HUDDIG. His family has a history in construction, and Max grew up on a farm where he was always involved in operating machinery.

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Jesper Hubner chooses HUDDIG for versatility, agility, strength, and outstanding hydraulics.

Jesper Hubner is a machine operator driving a HUDDIG 1260D CITY for Beckmark Entreprenad in Norrköping, Sweden. He runs his own business and hires himself as a driver, with his sights set on HUDDIG.

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Mackan at LyftLarsson buys HUDDIG 1260B fighter

Marcus Larsson has run his own company since 2020, with a 100% focus on crane trucks. On September 8, 2023, he expanded his fleet with a long-awaited HUDDIG in his new 2012 model 1260B. The versatility, hydraulics, and strength given the machine weight were important factors in acquiring his first HUDDIG.

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Peter Elvingdal erects gigantic tents with his HUDDIG 1260E

In collaboration with other construction machines like crane trucks and mobile cranes, Peter Elvingdal stays busy erecting tents with his HUDDIG 1260E. The summer months are filled with festivals, events, and more, where Peter ensures that various types of tents are set up.

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Black slopes are no obstacle for Vemdalsgrävaren's HUDDIG 1370

The mountain world's terrain and heavy jobs like lift renovation put Jocke Kristoffersson's HUDDIG machine to the test. Thanks to smart equipment and a specially designed hydraulic lock for the crane in loader, he meets the challenge of safe lift work and heavy lifting on steep ski slopes.

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Versatility, efficiency and strength are particularly important in my own business – I get all that with HUDDIG 1370 CITY

KW Maskin in Njurunda recently bought a HUDDIG 1370 CITY. The leap was made from a HUDDIG 1260C, and Kenneth Westin, owner and founder of the company, finds the backhoe unit much stronger and longer on the new model than in the preceding models.

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Lukas Fröbeson talks about the benefits of Huddig’s school concept and HUDDIG 1370.

Lukas Fröbeson has just graduated from the Building and Construction program, with a focus on construction machines at the High School Hagströmska Gymnasiet in Falun, Sweden. Here he talks about the benefits of Huddig's school concept and the latest model, HUDDIG 1370, that he drove during the last year of his education.

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"Varying tasks mean I need a versatile machine. Therefore the HUDDIG is perfect for me"

Peter Dahlin has been a HUDDIG driver since 2006. In his company PDE Allservice, he drives a HUDDIG 1260D CITY in the 2018 model daily thanks to high flexibility and strength. He has also recently tested the HUDDIG 1370 and is impressed with the developments made in the new model.


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