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Read why Peter Dahlin is impressed by HUDDIG 1370 as well as more comments from our HUDDIG CITY operators.

Customer Cases - Customer Cases CITY

"Varying tasks mean I need a versatile machine. Therefore the HUDDIG is perfect for me"

Peter Dahlin has been a HUDDIG driver since 2006. In his company PDE Allservice, he drives a HUDDIG 1260D CITY in the 2018 model daily thanks to high flexibility and strength. He has also recently tested the HUDDIG 1370 and is impressed with the developments made in the new model.

Customer Cases - Customer Cases CITY

Trondheim Municipality welcomes Norway's first full hybrid backhoe loader HUDDIG 1370T

Trondheim Municipality is already at the forefront of converting its fleet to 100% zero-emission construction vehicles. In February 2023, a significant step was taken when their HUDDIG 1370T arrived; the full hybrid backhoe loader that is also Norway's first of its kind.

Customer Cases - Customer Cases CITY

HUDDIG TIGON's electric drive and performance impress driver

Dennis Nilsson works as a machine operator at Hälsingeschakt and has test-driven HUDDIG TIGON. We have asked him what he thinks of the machine and its performance.

Customer Cases - Customer Cases CITY

HUDDIG 1260D is the optimal service machine

Tobias Nilsson has been running his company TN Grävtjänst AB since 2018. With his multifunctional HUDDIG 1260D, he performs several different types of work tasks with just one machine.

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The strength and flexibility makes HUDDIG CITY the best choice for service jobs and excavation

1995 was the year when Bengt Thisner bought his first HUDDIG. 25 years later, he has now retrieved his latest machine, a HUDDIG 1260E. Of course, it is painted yellow, equipped with pearl white rims. This particular combination of colors has become a sign for Bengt over the years.

Customer Cases - Customer Cases CITY

The First HUDDIG 1260E in Finland

Arto Alasaarela runs Kone- ja Kaivutyö Alasaarela and bought his first machine 30 years ago. In the end of April this year he was the first customer to receive a HUDDIG 1260E in Finland.

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Kungsängens Entreprenad buys its fifth HUDDIG

–Since we bought our first HUDDIG, we are hooked, says Jonas Kilsgård, CEO at Kungsängens Entreprenad.

Customer Cases - Customer Cases CITY

Versatility makes HUDDIG City ideal for service jobs at construction sites

– The strength is that my HUDDIG does exactly what I want it to, we’re inseparable – no matter what my day looks like, Magnus Lindström says.

Customer Cases - Customer Cases CITY

"HUDDIG is the perfect machine for me as an entrepreneur"

Victor Lundén was only five years old when he wrote a letter to his grandfather telling him he would also own a HUDDIG one day. At the time his grandfather owned a farm on the country side and drove HUDDIG on assignment for Katrineholm municipality. Victor spent a lot of time with him as a child and very early found his interest in machines in general and HUDDIG in particular. Today, 20 years later, Victor owns and runs his own contracting company - VL Maskin och Gräv AB in Vingåker, Sörmland.

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Bengt bought his first HUDDIG 25 years ago and since then he has remained faithful to the brand

Bengt Thisner, owner of BT Schakt och Gräv AB in Uppsala, is a true backhoe loader fan. His interest in machinery, agriculture and entrepreneurship was born early on. As Bengt grew up on a farm, he got his hands dirty helping from a young age. The first time he test drove a backhoe loader he was only ten years old. In 1990 Bengt bought his first backhoe loader, a Volvo BM 646 from 1983. Just over five years later, he bought his first HUDDIG, a used 760 from 1990.


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