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HUDDIG TIGON's electric drive and performance impress driver

Huddig Kundcase Dennis 03

Dennis Nilsson works as a machine operator at Hälsingeschakt and has test-driven HUDDIG TIGON. We have asked him what he thinks of the machine and its performance.


Tell me, how come you wanted to test drive HUDDIG TIGON?

"To be honest, I've been skeptical about hybrid machines, having the idea that you must have sound when you operate a machine. Despite this, I was still curious and talked about wanting to try your new hybrid excavator loader. So when my boss called and asked if I wanted to test drive TIGON at work, I immediately said yes and thought it would be cool to see how far you've come in development."


What was your first impression of TIGON?

"The machine is far beyond my expectations; it is truly superb. I could never have imagined running on 100% electric power and having a more powerful machine than Huddig's predecessor. After receiving the machine, I went straight into a factory and knocked out a plate. No emissions, no exhaust fumes, fans, or hoses. It was incredibly comfortable, and I could communicate unhindered with my colleagues meanwhile. A very new experience to me."


Is there any particular feature you really like?

"Yes, the navigation is smoother. Choosing between EV, ECO, or POWER mode is just a button press away, and you can do it on the fly. The diesel heater is now in the display, and you can also change functions there, such as the direction of the tiltrotator, which makes work much more manageable. You can also notice that the gearshift is smoother, and the diesel operation is quieter."


How do you find the performance?

"Compared to my HUDDIG 1260D, the TIGON is sharper. It's stronger given that each separate wheel has its own motor, which makes the machine compensate for how it steers entirely by the status of the grip. The machine still steers if the front tires lose contact with the ground. TIGON takes power away from a wheel and sends it to the other three if one wheel spins. You never slip. In other words, "you just keep going."


How do you find the electric drive?

"I'm very positive about the electric drive. If you drive economically and smartly, you can reduce diesel consumption by 20-30%. The quiet operation was something I was not used to or prepared for from the beginning. All you hear is some small fan for the cooling or the hydraulic pump. When running on ECO mode, you can also affect the battery charge with your driving style to make the battery charge more. For me, this became a bit of a competition - how smart can I drive? The more you think, the more the machine charges or discharges. It's a fun challenge."


How does the electric drive feel linked to the performance of the machine?

"What stands out is the powertrain. The machine goes 50 km/h now. Many colleagues have come and asked me, "does it run on electricity?" The guys stand watch, and they seem surprised that I have the same performance on electricity as on diesel. I unloaded pallets from a truck yesterday on electricity alone; that feels incredible."


What benefits has TIGON given you in your current project?

"At the moment, I am working as a service machine, doing all kinds of different work tasks. Electricity has meant that I don't have to leave the site as often to refuel, saving time and money. 90% of my working hours, I have no external access to charging the machine. I work all over Gävleborg county, Hälsingland, often 25 miles straight out in the woods. Therefore, it has been exciting to see if driving without charging with a CEE connector and solely charging by driving. The machine charges the batteries itself fast if you drive smart. This week it has also been 3F. I thought TIGON would be more affected by the cold than it has been, but I've hardly noticed it."


What benefits can you see from using TIGON?

"The diesel savings for sure. You're also more efficient when you don't have to turn off the engine and talk to your colleagues outside the machine, and you're driving non-stop. You are undoubtedly more efficient with a TIGON. Then there's the environment, of course. Imagine if more construction sites had TIGONs, there would be a huge reduction in emissions."


How do you see the future of the construction industry?

"Given the evolution of society and ever-increasing environmental requirements, I think hybrid and electric machines are the future. Now that TIGON is on the market, I hope contractors understand how great and revolutionary this concept is. The machine benefits both sustainability and the working environment for many people. It's all about daring to act and think in new ways," Dennis concludes.



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