Customer Cases

Jesper Hubner chooses HUDDIG for versatility, agility, strength, and outstanding hydraulics.

Huddig Kundcase Jesper Hubner 07

Jesper Hubner is a machine operator driving a HUDDIG 1260D CITY for Beckmark Entreprenad in Norrköping, Sweden. He runs his own business and hires himself as a driver, with his sights set on HUDDIG.

"The plan is, of course, to be able to buy my own HUDDIG in the future. It's a dream I work towards every day," Jesper says.

He believes that being flexible and able to perform "the most of the most" is a HUDDIG machine's significant advantage. He also thinks excavator loaders are essential for safety and efficiency in construction machinery.

"It feels like there are two camps for excavator loaders. I specifically worked for this opportunity to drive a HUDDIG, and it feels good to show what it can do. For example, an upcoming demand in the industry is that you are no longer allowed to unload the carriage with forks on the excavator's arm but must use a front loader. Here, HUDDIG has an important role in increasing safety on construction sites."

The equipment on the 2017 Model D machine includes a hydraulic sweeper, a WALDUNG articulated trolley, an Oliquick quick coupler for the rotor, and much more.

"The hydraulic coupling makes tool changes super easy while allowing you to remain in the cab when changing tools. The machine's versatility, agility, strength, and outstanding hydraulics make HUDDIG my first choice. You can tell it's premium, and I like that feeling," Jesper concludes.


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