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Lockwood Construction restores beach damage with HUDDIG 1370

Huddig Kundcase Lockwood Beach 06

Lockwood Construction took delivery of its new HUDDIG 1370 at the beginning of September 2023. Over the Christmas holidays, the machine was used in a collaborative effort to restore damage after a flood. Here, Robert Lockwood, owner and founder of the company, describes the event in his own words:

"With the Christmas Holidays Approaching and most companies shut down for the year, Nathan Lemka, a machine operator at Lockwood Construction, at the controls of HUDDIG 1370, stepped into the breach to rebuild the Levee and keep the seasonal Tidewaters from Inundating the town.

Starting with a mess of storm debris and Driftwood, Nathan quickly cleared the site, using a sorting grapple from Engcon, and sorted the trash from reusable wood. Ec-Oil was a real asset here, switching hydraulic tools without getting out of the cab.

Next, with five dump trucks hauling in Gravel, Nathan filled the channel in the dike with course gravel, using the front loader of the HUDDIG 1370 to Haul and place the aggregate and the excavator to grade it to design grade.

After the Gravel, the real work started. Consulting engineer Jennifer Allan of Blue Coast Engineering specified 3000 tons of washed sand to rebuild and reshape the beach. With no direct access to the site with large dump trucks, the material was stockpiled in a parking lot and hauled to the area with the HUDDIG 1370 loader and smaller dump trucks.

With the help of a Borrowed D6, the two machines and operators worked through the nights, nearly 72 Hours straight, to rebuild the Beach and Levee. Finally, on the 23rd of December 2023, the two machines did the final grading on the Levee, Grading the deck to a +12 Elevation and replacing the large Driftwood."


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