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Lukas Fröbeson talks about the benefits of Huddig’s school concept and HUDDIG 1370.

Huddig Kundcase Lukas

Lukas Fröbeson has just graduated from the Building and Construction program, with a focus on construction machines at the High School Hagströmska Gymnasiet in Falun, Sweden. Here he talks about the benefits of Huddig's school concept and the latest model, HUDDIG 1370, that he drove during the last year of his education.

Huddig's school concept allows schools to offer their students education in the latest HUDDIG models.

"It is gold that we have received new machines yearly during our education. By running the latest machines and being used to the technology, we are ready for what will be on the market later," Lukas says.

He started driving HUDDIG when he was sixteen, during his first year at school. Back then, he and his schoolmates drove a HUDDIG 1260E, later replaced by a HUDDIG 1370 CITY. He especially noticed the difference between the models regarding the power and range of the excavator unit.

"The excavator unit in the HUDDIG 1370 is significantly stronger than the 1260E that we had before. The increased working pressure is also very noticeable on the slewing torque. Everything is much better in the new model. The increased working pressure means you can load heavier and quickly move more masses."

He thinks the advantage of driving a HUDDIG is its versatility, which means that one machine operator can solve many tasks with the same machine.

"A HUDDIG can easily do the work of two to three machines if you have the right equipment. It is also suitable for transportation as it is relatively quick compared to other construction machines, and you only need to move one machine instead of several."

The training at the school consists of a long series of varied tasks intended to give the students experience of work tasks that occur in working life.

"For example, we work a lot with snow in the winter. We share a vehicle construction plane with YrkesAkademin (a vocational school), performing snow clearing for their trucks. Another thing we have done is to pull together piles of snow and make them peaky, i.e., well-shaped and even. It's an exercise in restoration work and using the excavator unit for fine-tuning."

Lukas graduated on June 9, 2023, after a three-year education. After the summer job, he plans to join the army, then Lukas sees himself working as a machine operator.

"I love driving HUDDIG. The versatility, you get everything in one. You can dig, load, restore...everything. There isn't a workplace in the world where a HUDDIG doesn't fit, and I'm looking forward to getting out into the working life and driving a HUDDIG this fall," Lukas concludes.



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