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Mackan at LyftLarsson buys HUDDIG 1260B fighter

Huddig Kundcase Lyftlarsson 101

Marcus Larsson has run his own company since 2020, with a 100% focus on crane trucks. On September 8, 2023, he expanded his fleet with a long-awaited HUDDIG in his new 2012 model 1260B. The versatility, hydraulics, and strength given the machine weight were important factors in acquiring his first HUDDIG

"I have driven a lot with HUDDIG drivers like Brolin, Tobbe, and Stefan in my days. The HUDDIG machines have a good reputation, almost to the point of being naggging. As an old excavator operator, I heard a lot of talk about HUDDIG. But now that I have bought one, I understand what they mean. I have driven almost every excavator brand, but no machine is close to HUDDIG hydraulically. You almost get teary-eyed; the hydraulics and driving feel are that good."

Mackan's HUDDIG has, among other things, a MittX bow, a height limiter for railways, is prepared for a lift, and has equipment for snow removal, bush clearing, and a front "clipper."

"The clipper is like a knife to cut down trees with which you basically "squeeze" them off. I have small-scale forestry at home, so the machine will be used for service jobs, snow removal, and at home in forestry."

He has three employees, and the machine has been very popular since its delivery.

"One of my employees, William, said, "In a year, we'll have two of these because everything you touch explodes." It's a lot of fun when you have good machines that we get a lot done with, and it's great that the guys like it, too."

Mackan wants to take the opportunity to thank Staffare and the dealer Jim for excellent service, as he appreciated the close contact all through the investment in his new HUDDIG.

"HUDDIG machines are complex, and it has felt safe to have Jim as a contact person. He and Staffare have provided fantastic service and are very knowledgeable. We will see if William is right about a second HUDDIG in the future." Mackan concludes.



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