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Sjöbergs Entreprenad chooses HUDDIG for reliability and high resale value.

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Sjöbergs Entreprenad in Örnsköldsvik was founded in 2012 by Marcus Sjöberg. His father and grandfather have run companies in the same industry all their lives, and Marcus is now the third generation of Sjöbergs to run a construction company. Sjöbergs Entreprenad has grown since the start from one full-time employee to 14 today. There are jobs all year round, and the number of machines has also increased. The company is based in central Örnsköldsvik, and work is carried out around the municipality.

"All the investments that I have made over time are still in the company. I still have almost all the machines I have purchased and do not buy anything unless it is long-term. Today, we have approximately 20 machines in the company and quite a lot of equipment and tools," Marcus says.

Photo by: Elin Nord, Timeline Photo.

Marcus earlier worked for his father who in 2007 purchased his second HUDDIG machine. That was also the year Marcus started driving HUDDIG himself. In 2010, a HUDDIG 1260B was purchased, the machine on which Marcus founded his company in 2012. It has been in the company up to Sjöbergs Entreprenad’s order of a new HUDDIG 1370.

"Huddig's machines are of a mighty quality. The B-machine has worked fantastically well, which is why I have had it until now. It has been an incredibly reliable and dependable machine," Marcus continues.

Sjöbergs Entreprenad currently has a HUDDIG 1370 CITY, which, together with his other construction machines, performs various tasks, such as electrical work, construction work, plumbing, water, and waste work.

"Our machine park allows us to be very flexible and versatile, which gives us a wide range of jobs and high occupancy."

The company's latest machine is a HUDDIG 1370 CITY, delivered in the 2023/2024 shift. Much focus was put on equipment, operator environment, and design.

"We have put extra effort into the latest machine, our HUDDIG 1370 CITY, which is silver metallic and black. We sell quality in what we do, and then you have to have quality all the way from machine to equipment to drivers and design. With the equipment we have chosen for our new HUDDIG 1370, we further increased our capacity, which makes a great advantage for our clients."

When choosing construction machinery, Marcus values quality and resale value. He means that the value is also maintained by performing regular service and caring for the machines.

"We have our own facilities that we built in 2015 where our machines are stored in a warm garage daily. With our own washing hall, our machines are regularly washed weekly. Regular servicing and reparations are vital, in addition to quality, which plays a big role in maintaining the fleet's value. Employees are given good conditions with good machines, facilities and routines to do their jobs.

Furthermore, the machines' reliability and flexibility strengthen the company's ability to increase occupancy and profitability.

"Just look in the rearview mirror. We have had a faultless operation in a construction machine that has run almost daily for 14 years and has fantastic resale value. I think that must be valued highly. When I started in 2012, I took out a loan to buy our HUDDIG 1260B. Since 2017, we have been running mortgage-free and have developed the machine fleet with other machines. The resale value makes you buy HUDDIG. It's a straightforward reason: a HUDDIG is a HUDDIG."

According to Marcus, you can drive anything if you learn to drive HUDDIG, where interest and commitment are essential to becoming a good driver.

"Marcus Holmgren, our driver on the HUDDIG 1370, is an inventory with us; without him, we would have invested in a new HUDDIG. We have built this machine and customized it precisely to his needs for his sake. He has made a name for himself with the flexible HUDDIG machine in Örnsköldsvik, and he is in demand by our customers. He has succeeded in what all drivers should succeed in!

Film: Elin Nord, Timeline Photo.

"Becoming a good driver takes interest and a good work ethic. Our drivers receive good training from us and learn from each other. We put a lot of emphasis on feeling secure with our employees—being able to send them on assignments that they can solve themselves must be the interest and goal of all employees."

Marcus's philosophy of success is based on a long-term approach and quality, which he believes has helped the company achieve its current status.

"My advice to anyone considering starting a company is not to jump on easy, short-term roads. If I can't have the investment for 6-10 years, I won't have a sustainable economy over time. Then you have to sit down and recalculate! Think first, and think long-term," Marcus concludes.

Photo by: Elin Nord, Timeline Photo.


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