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The First HUDDIG 1260E in Finland

Huddig Kundcase Arto01

Arto Alasaarela runs Kone- ja Kaivutyö Alasaarela and bought his first machine 30 years ago. In the end of April this year he was the first customer to receive a HUDDIG 1260E in Finland.

Prior to starting his own company, Arto had driven excavator loaders for many years. After receiving his first HUDDIG in 2014, the choice to continue with HUDDIG was easy.

“I got positively surprised by the quality when I first drove a HUDDIG. During the years that has passed since I got my first machine, I have come to completely rely on it. The connection between driver and machine is central for my business since my machine is both my most important tool and also my workplace.”

The ability to use a wide variety of equipment to complement his HUDDIG is both motivating for Arto and the foundation to increase occupancy in his company.

“A HUDDIG is as a very multifunctional machine. I can work with buckets, forks and all kinds of special tools. I get many requests due to the fact that I can perform a wide variation of work tasks fast, efficient and smooth with only one machine. It also motivates me to work with a versatile machine that can handle many different work tasks during the same day.”

Regarding the situation with COVID-19 Arto thinks it is important to continue with business and life as usual while following authority guidelines.

“We need to have faith in life after Corona and that we will get through this together on a global level. Of course, we should all follow authority guidelines but it’s also important to keep working in order to strengthen society.”

The versatility of his HUDDIG further helps in adapting to new circumstances and the consequences that follows COVID-19.

“A HUDDIG is a very special machine and there is always a need for versatility in the market. I see many ways to differentiate against my competitors in the business due to the fact that of having a HUDDIG. It is truly a multi-machine that helps me take on a wide variety of jobs all year around and to and to adjust to new conditions when needed, Arto concludes.”

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