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"Varying tasks mean I need a versatile machine. Therefore the HUDDIG is perfect for me"

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Peter Dahlin has been a happy HUDDIG driver since 2006. In his company PDE Allservice, he drives a HUDDIG 1260D CITY in the 2018 model daily, many thanks to high flexibility and strength. He has also recently tested the HUDDIG 1370 and is impressed with the developments made in the new model.

"To do a brief review, 1370 has even finer hydraulics and smoother operation than previous models. But best of all is the new excavator arm, which is longer and considerably stronger - it works great, and I may have one in the future.

On behalf of PEAB drift och underhåll (operations and maintenance), Peter is one of several subcontractors who perform maintenance and service work on about 200 kilometers of road for the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket). Based in Timrå, Sweden, his work area runs from Gnarp to Härnösand and Graninge.

"Varying tasks mean I need a versatile machine. Therefore the HUDDIG is perfect for me. The versatility allows me to remove snow, perform ice scraping on asphalt, move masses, and much more. I do all that and more, being just one operator in one machine. If you run your HUDDIG correctly, you become more efficient and can replace several other construction machines. That's excellent for me.

High-quality hydraulics and high resale value are other significant advantages in Peter's choice of HUDDIG as a construction machine.

"The hydraulics are divine. It's something that directly distinguishes these machines. You get a lot back when you trade in your HUDDIG for a new one - that's an essential factor for me in the choice of machine.

He also appreciates Huddig's local roots and presence and that all work from sheet metal to finished HUDDIG machine is carried out at the factory in Hudiksvall, Sweden.

"Having such a strong company in the area with incredible craftsmanship is fantastic. Once you go HUDDIG, you stick with HUDDIG," Peter concludes.



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