Customer Cases

Dane Mehlbrech, HUDDIG 1260C driver for The Earlville section BNSF Railroad

Huddig Instagram Timeline Dane

I first heard about the brand HUDDIG three years ago when we got a machine to this area in order to perform brush cutting. From that time, I have been operating HUDDIG.

With it I can perform a very broad variety of tasks. The mobility of a HUDDIG is much better than an excavator. Furthermore, the main benefits with HUDDIG is that it is more stable and performs better than a standard excavator.

A HUDDIG has many attachments like a Swiss Army Knife - you can do so much more with it. You can drive facing backwards or forward and still use a loader or an excavator from both driving positions. This is particularly amazing in order to save time.

When driving a HUDDIG, the sensation is that it is very smooth to operate. This also makes my guys on the ground feel safe and comfortable around the machine. 

HUDDIG is the optimal choice for me when installing ties, but also for a very wide range of different tasks, not only railroad. With the machine I can also perform road maintenance and construction in the city.

I would absolutely recommend HUDDIG, the machine is amazing!


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