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Read about how the versatility of HUDDIG RAIL increase profitability for Axelsson Rail, as well as other comments from our HUDDIG RAIL customers.

Customer Cases - Customer Cases RAIL

“I love being a HUDDIG driver because of the machine's versatility, the joy of driving and the variety of work.”

Patrick Feltenmark was born and raised in Hoting, Sweden. At 17, he started as a railway worker and stayed in the industry. Twenty-six years later, he works as a HUDDIG driver for Willmans Försäljning AB in Luleå, something he says is largely thanks to Marcus Naessen at MNE Entreprenad and a hamburger.

Customer Cases - Customer Cases RAIL

The versatility and strength of the HUDDIG machines increase profitability for Axelssons Rail

Axelssons Rail in Boden, Sweden, was founded in 2011 by Fredrik Axelsson. The one-person company grew steadily and quickly got its first employee. Today, the company has 14 employees and a wide range of machinery adapted for line and railway work.

Customer Cases - Customer Cases RAIL

The strength of the HUDDIG 1370 facilitates railway work for Dala Trail & Snow

Jonathan Ericsson, HUDDIG driver at Dala Rail & Snow in Borlänge, Sweden, talks about the main benefits he experiences with the company's new HUDDIG 1370 RAIL, equipped with non-driven rail wheels.

Customer Cases - Customer Cases RAIL

Oscar at NordicTrax on the advantages of HUDDIG on the railroad

Oscar Wiklund drives HUDDIG 1260C RAIL for NordicTrax. Here he tells us why he thinks HUDDIG is perfect for working on the railroad and what he likes about working on the tracks.

Customer Cases - Customer Cases RAIL

Scandinavian Track Group on the advantages of their HUDDIG machines in railway construction

Scandinavian Track Group is active in railway construction with assignments ranging from service and maintenance to new construction. The company owns six HUDDIG machines of different models.

Customer Cases - Customer Cases RAIL

RailCom on the order of two HUDDIG TIGON hybrid excavator loaders

Mikael Eriksson, one of the founders and owners of RailCom AS has worked in the construction industry for over 30 years and RailCom is his fifth company. During his career, he has so far purchased 25-30 HUDDIG machines at various companies.

Customer Cases - Customer Cases RAIL

The HUDDIG machine’s versatility increases profit for Lockwood Construction

A trip to Sweden in 2017 planted the seed of buying a HUDDIG machine. Shortly thereafter, Robert's dream became true, and today he owns a HUDDIG 1260C that runs constantly.

Customer Cases - Customer Cases RAIL

A HUDDIG-machine’s real identity is revealed on the railroad

Christoffer Sjölund runs Räls & Markservice in Örnsköldsvik and recently received his second HUDDIG 1260C RAIL. The biggest advantage for him is the reliability and flexibility of the machines. “The difference with a HUDDIG compared to other machines is that you can do all kinds of jobs with it and especially on the railroad where it really is unbeatable."

Customer Cases - Customer Cases RAIL

Dane Mehlbrech, HUDDIG 1260C driver for The Earlville section BNSF Railroad

– When driving a HUDDIG, the sensation is that it is very smooth and stable to operate.

Customer Cases - Customer Cases RAIL

Versatility and comfort – the biggest advantages with HUDDIG

"The HUDDIG machine has a great standard and I love the variety of things I can do with it."


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