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Learn how Räls & Markservice streamlines operations with its HUDDIG machines, as well as other comments from our HUDDIG RAIL customers.

Customer Cases - Customer Cases RAIL

A HUDDIG-machine’s real identity is revealed on the railroad

Christoffer Sjölund runs Räls & Markservice in Örnsköldsvik and recently received his second HUDDIG 1260C RAIL. The biggest advantage for him is the reliability and flexibility of the machines. “The difference with a HUDDIG compared to other machines is that you can do all kinds of jobs with it and especially on the railroad where it really is unbeatable."

Customer Cases - Customer Cases RAIL

Dane Mehlbrech, HUDDIG 1260C driver for The Earlville section BNSF Railroad

– When driving a HUDDIG, the sensation is that it is very smooth and stable to operate.

Customer Cases - Customer Cases RAIL

Versatility and comfort – the biggest advantages with HUDDIG

"The HUDDIG machine has a great standard and I love the variety of things I can do with it."

Customer Cases - Customer Cases RAIL

Sandra Åberg drives HUDDIG 1260C for CaLi

–The HUDDIG is challenging, you have to know how to use it in order to maximize your efficiency and make full use of the machine, which is a constant learning process.

Customer Cases - Customer Cases RAIL

Arne Martin drives Norway’s first HUDDIG 1260D Rail with driven railway wheels

Getting into a HUDDIG in the morning is like putting on your work clothes. The machine feels like an extension of my mind and the driving sensation is incredible.

Customer Cases - Customer Cases RAIL

“A HUDDIG makes the job more fun and challenging”

We have met Bill Truax, a HUDDIG operator with BNSF Railway in Sheridan Wyoming, USA, for a talk about his job and his relation to HUDDIG.


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