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Oscar at NordicTrax on the advantages of HUDDIG on the railroad

Nordictrax Kundcasebild

Oscar Wiklund drives HUDDIG 1260C RAIL for NordicTrax. Here he tells us why he thinks HUDDIG is perfect for working on the railroad and what he likes about working on the tracks.

"I have always been driving machines. Through a service job in Stockholm, I started driving HUDDIG, and for five out of seven years at that company, I drove HUDDIG solely. It is still the most optimal machine on the railroad for me. The strength at the front and rear means that I can do most things.

The machine is equipped with LIFT 2000B, which Oscar means allows him to perform even more tasks.

"The lift makes me more versatile in solving mixed service jobs. Running a machine with which I can fix almost everything means I'm always busy. That suits me well."

Some of the pictures are from a tie change with a rail tong called hey back, a job requiring teamwork and precision.

"In this case, we were working on a railroad without overhead wires and, easily explained, replacing old wood with new. There are many precision tasks in the job. Thanks to great hydraulics and the ability to use many different types of equipment, it is smooth to perform such tasks with a HUDDIG.

He enjoys freedom under responsibility and the opportunity to work in large parts of Sweden.

"Kiruna, in the northern part of Sweden, for example, is magically beautiful - having such great views at work is a luxury. The railway is a challenging industry with many experienced contractors and machine operators, an environment where I feel at home," Oscar concludes.



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