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The strength of the HUDDIG 1370 facilitates railway work for Dala Rail & Snow

Huddig Kundcase Dala Rail 02

Jonathan Ericsson, HUDDIG driver at Dala Rail & Snow in Borlänge, Sweden, talks about the main benefits he experiences with the company's new HUDDIG 1370 RAIL, equipped with non-driven rail wheels.

"You immediately notice how much stronger this model is compared to its predecessors. I went from a HUDDIG 1260B to this one, which was a big difference. The increased reach also allows me to reach further down the shaft when digging."

Newly laid rail is neutralized to prevent sun kinks (buckles in the railroad caused by hot weather) and rail breaks, a common task for Jonathan. This is done with a CD 400 unit weighing 1.4 tons (approximately 2500 pounds), which is an easy match for HUDDIG 1370.

"The equipment I'm working with is very heavy, so it's a big advantage that the working pressure has been increased. Work is both faster and easier now. The hydraulics are smooth and responsive, which gives an outstanding driving experience."

He prefers the non-driven rail wheels and sees them as essential equipment for railroad work.

"These railway wheels are the best, making the job more efficient. If you drive smart, you don't wear out the rubber tires too much, either."

High versatility is needed as he performs many different work tasks and often changes between them.

"In the case of STRAIL construction, i.e., railway crossings where vehicles can pass the rails, more finesse is needed than in working with neutralization. Driving a HUDDIG lets me do everything from jobs requiring a robust excavator to high-precision tasks with the same machine."

Another important factor with HUDDIG for Jonathan is comfort since he spends many hours in the cab.

"The new, large display and a more comfortable chair are real boosts in this model. I sit like a king. Everything has become much better in 1370," Jonathan concludes."


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