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The versatility and strength of the HUDDIG machines increase profitability for Axelssons Rail

Huddig Kundcase Axelsson02

Axelssons Rail in Boden, Sweden, was founded in 2011 by Fredrik Axelsson. The one-person company grew steadily and quickly got its first employee. Today, the company has 14 employees and a wide range of machinery adapted for utility and railway work.

Two of the machines in the fleet are HUDDIG machines. A HUDDIG 1260E RAIL and a HUDDIG 1370 RAIL. The 1370 were acquired on April 1, 2023. Both are equipped with LIFT 2000B and non-driven railway wheels.

"Our niche is electrical work, such as overhead lines, cable work, canalization, and concrete work. This wide variety of demanding construction work fits the HUDDIG machines as a glove," owner and founder Fredrik Axelsson says.

Operational reliability, high quality, and good service are on the top list for the choice of HUDDIG.

"The HUDDIG machines are versatile, can be used for many purposes, and are exceptionally high quality. In addition, we have excellent service. Big praise goes to Henrik Nilsson at Staffare in LuleƄ and his team; they are always available and solve any problem we may encounter, which we greatly appreciate.

The increased strength of the excavator unit on the HUDDIG 1370 increases the profitability of the projects, given a higher efficiency.

"The excavator unit is significantly stronger in the new model; with HUDDIG 1370, you lift heavier things faster and become more efficient. Given that the slewing torque is increased, we lift more masses sideways, which reduces the time per job."

Other advantages of the machine type are the possibility of increased occupancy, given flexibility, and the ability to perform many different jobs with one machine.

"The versatility and fantastic strength of the HUDDIG machines naturally lead to increased profitability. Our HUDDIG machines can be used for many jobs, allowing for higher occupancy. We are almost always fully occupied all year round with line construction, snow removal, overhead line jobs, and various service jobs," Fredrik concludes.


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