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Versatility and comfort – the biggest advantages with HUDDIG

Huddig Bill Fletcher

Bill Fletcher, BNSF driver in La Crosse, Wisconsin first heard about Huddig in 2016 and has been a HUDDIG driver since July 2019. 

“Three years ago, when my friend Steve Serris got his HUDDIG machine in Prairie, was the first time I heard about the brand Huddig. It looked like a great machine, even though I got a bit overwhelmed about all the functions at first.”  

Bill has been driving HUDDIG since July last year and feels very comfortable in the machine.  

“Now when I have gotten used to it, I absolutely love it.”   

To drive the machine seamlessly in both directions, made possible by the reversible seat, turned out to be very useful function for Bill.

”It saves me a lot of time and is safer for my surroundings. My HUDDIG also has cruise control and I like the heated seat a lot. The comfort in the machine is amazing.”  

With his HUDDIG Bill performs tie changing and he uses the forks to pick up ties and move crossing planks. His HUDDIG is also equipped with aux hydraulic hose reel and a snow blade.   

”I haven’t tried the machine with a snow blade yet, but I am excited to try it out! The versatility of all the attachments on just one machine is very practical. You can also use a HUDDIG on and off the railway. Compared to the excavator I used to drive, a HUDDIG excavator loader is so much more. Our other machines lack the high rail, a rotating head and the high driver’s comfort. The HUDDIG machine has a great standard and I love the variety of things I can do with it. “  

Bills HUDDIG attracts attention at the workplaces 

”I get a lot of attention from people when they see me at different workplaces. People often stop and ask questions. They say they have never seen a machine like this before, which is fun to hear. The HUDDIG machine is fantastic, I truly recommend it!” Bill concludes.



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