Axelssons Rail upgrades its fleet with a HUDDIG 1370 RAIL

Axelssons Rail in Boden, Sweden, was founded in 2011 by Fredrik Axelsson. The one-person company grew steadily and quickly got its first employee. Today, the company has 14 employees and a wide range of machinery adapted for line and railway work.

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Two of the machines in the fleet are HUDDIG machines. A HUDDIG 1260E RAIL and a HUDDIG 1370 RAIL. The 1370 were acquired on April 1, 2023. Both are equipped with LIFT 2000B and non-driven railway wheels.

"Our niche is electrical work, such as overhead lines, cable work, canalization, and concrete work. This wide variety of demanding construction work fits the HUDDIG machines as a glove," owner and founder Fredrik Axelsson says.

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