HUDDIG 1370T - an essential part of Phase 2 of the Building Project "Framtidsbygget" (The Future Build)

On June 22nd, the construction was started of Phase 2 of Framtidsbygget - Region Gävleborg's significant new construction and refurbishment project at Hudiksvall Hospital in Sweden. Phase 2 includes a new technical building on Bergsgatan with a connecting culvert system to the main building, with the aim of future-proofing electricity, heating, water, and gas supply. A HUDDIG 1370T was on-site during the inauguration and will also be loaned to one of the subcontractors during the construction. 

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"This complex construction project will affect large parts of the hospital area at different times. We can't avoid that. Much time has gone into planning the construction to minimize disruption as much as possible, and patients and visitors must know and understand that" Camilla Pihlqvist, project manager for the new engineering building and culvert system, says. 

To minimize the noise from the construction work, the subcontractor Hälsingeschakt was offered the loan of a HUDDIG 1370T during the work. 

"As our HUDDIG 1370T model can run on electric power alone for up to two hours, the work can be carried out virtually silently. This means that patients in the surrounding buildings do not have to be disturbed by the noise of a diesel engine. For us, it feels like a matter, of course, to allow Hälsingeschakt to borrow our demo machine for work that takes place, for example, during the night," Daniel Myrgren, Marketing and Sales Manager at Huddig says.

During the inauguration, a symbolic "digging" was also taken with the 1370T machine, equipped with a gold-colored bucket from SMP Parts for the day. Joel Svensk from Hälsingeschakt was behind the steering levers. 

"It's a great machine to drive, especially in EV mode (electrical vehicle). All you hear is a low hiss from the hydraulics, and you can easily talk to your colleagues on the ground outside. The machine is working at full power in all respects, and it feels perfect to be able to use this machine when we don't want to cause unnecessary disturbance." 

More and more construction companies are investing heavily in their sustainability efforts, and interest in hybrid excavator loaders is growing daily. 

"We already have several TIGON machines in operation with contractors around Sweden, and this project feels like a perfect match for this model. One of the key parameters of this project is to focus on sustainable materials and renewable energy. The machine plays an important role here, as it reduces both carbon dioxide emissions and the overall fuel consumption of HVO diesel. I am convinced that we will see hybrid construction machines on most construction sites around the country within a few years," Daniel concludes. 

Region Gävleborg is investing more than SEK 774 million in the project, which is expected to be completed in 2026. Read more about the project (site in Swedish, can be translated using Google Translate).



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