Electric powered – without compromises

HUDDIG 1370T is our full hybrid loader excavator which takes your company into the future.

The machine allows you to run on pure electricity for up to 2 hours without compromising power, torque, or precision. Reduced fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions, minimal noise level, and unbeatable flexibility – are just some of the advantages of the HUDDIG 1370T.

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Two hours on pure electricity

The revolutionary Tigon Technology allows you to work for up to two hours on battery power alone. When the machine needs charging, the engine starts automatically and recharges the battery.

Longer, higher and stronger

The excavator unit on the HUDDIG 1370 is now 10% longer than its predecessor, giving it a total reach of 7.2 meters (incl. tiltrotator and excavator bucket G85). The lift height is over 4.3 meters, and the slewing torque has an output of 51 kN (+ 40 percent from the previous model).

Upgraded operator environment

In addition to the functional upgrades, the interior has also been updated with, for example, improved climate control (HVAC), new seat suspension, mountings for accessories, and a digital display for an even better overview of the machine's functions.


The third double-acting hydraulic outlet makes it possible to operate three hydraulic functions simultaneously. This upgrade, combined with a hard- and software solution developed by Huddig themselves, called FlexLever™, allows the operator to move the functions on the joystick’s buttons.

I am extremely proud that we have the heavy technical expertise and experience within the company to lead the sustainable transformation of the construction industry. With the launch of the HUDDIG 1370T, we are taking a step into the future of the electrification of construction machines.

Håkan Bäckström
CEO Huddig AB

Additional features

Ikon 100% Diff

100% Differential

100% four-wheel drive with individual wheel control provides optimal accessibility and control on, for example, slippery surfaces.
Ikon 130%

130% Power peaks

Instantaneous Power Peak of up to 30% provides extra power when needed.
Ikon Bränsle

Top efficiency

Optimized efficiency and energy recovery at all times results in an excellent operational economy.
Ikon 2H

2 Hours of power

Up to 2 hours excavating or 20 km of travel on battery power alone. The battery recharges during work using the diesel engine.
Ikon Mute


The HUDDIG 1370T can operate silently and without any emissions in EV mode. This means that the machine can work in new places, like indoors and in residential areas by night.
Ikon Gräv Lasthöjd Svart

Lifting height

The lifting height is now over 4.3 metres, resulting in an 18% increase in load height.
Ikon Gräv Räckvidd Svart


Backhoe unit now 10% longer – reaching 7.2 meters
Ikon Gräv Svängkraft Svart

Slewing torque

A 40% increase in slewing torque facilitates planning

Discover TIGON Technology

Our revolutionary hybrid system – Tigon Technology – allows you to work fully electrically or in conjunction with the powerful diesel engine. A machine with Tigon Technology can operate entirely on electric power for up to two hours without compromising strength, torque or precision.

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Under the shell of Tigon Technology

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Technical data

Electric drive  
System Tigon Technology™ 
Battery Huddig/Alelion 44 kWh 90V
Number of electric motors (EMG) Transmission Four pcs, Schabmüller
Number of electric motors (EMG) Hydraulics Two pcs, Parker (+ 1 generator)
Runtime Up to 2 hours on battery power alone
Power output 81 kW (108 hp) Diesel and electricity combined in PWR mode, 139kW = 190hp


Diesel engine Cummins turbocharged diesel engine QSB 4.5 EU Stage V/EPA Tier 4 Final
Power output 115 kW (154 hp) at 2000 rpm
Type Straight 4-cylinder
Cylinder capacity 4.5 liters
Torque 651 Nm at 1500 rpm


Type 90V hybrid system of the ”plug-in hybrid” type. Diesel engine with transfer case. Three electric motor generators (EMG) charge the machine’s electric battery. The battery powers four electric wheel motors equipped with two-speed hub reducers. The wheel motors are of the regenerative type.
EMG GenSet Three pcs, 90V AC
EMG Wheel Motor Four pcs, 90V AC
Hub reduction 4 pcs, Two-speed with wet disc brakes
Speeds 1st (low ratio) 0-10 km/h
Speeds 2nd (high ratio) 0-50 km/h
Motor vehicle Class 1
Axles Tigon Technology™
The system is separate from the operating hydraulics  


Standard 620/60x34


Main display, control system  
Monitor 10" TFT colour touchscreen


Brake system  
Transport brakes 2-circuit braking system with two accumulators. Wet disc brakes on all wheels, proportionally actuated with hydraulic servo.
Backup brake

One of the two circuits of the service brake or the parking brake.

Service brake Automatic engagement of transport brake when stationary (automatic function can be disengaged).

Parking brake

Mechanical negative brake, integrated in each hub reduction. Hydraulic release of the parking brake occurs when one of the transmission’s two gears is engaged.


Steering system  

Hydrostatic Orbitrol control system with dual cylinders in the centre pivot

Steering angle ±32°
Frame oscillation ±8°


Electrical system  
Voltage 24 V
Batterier 2 pcs 12 V, 110 Ah
Generatoreffekt 108 A (DC/DC converter)
Startmotoreffekt 5.8 kW


Hydraulic system  
Load-sensing hydraulics with variable axial piston pumps, 50cc+72cc. For refilling there is internal low-pressure generation in the operational valves and a heating system (circulation pumping) for cold starts. Internal servo-supply in the operational valves and power feedback for digging functions. The hydraulic system is prepared for environmentally compatible hydraulic fluids.


Operating pressure Standard: 23 MPa (233 bar)
Boost: 26 MPa (260 bar)
Nom. max. flow at 1000 rpm 122 l/min
Nom. max. flow at 1500 rpm 183 l/min
Nom. max flöde vid 2000 rpm 244 l/min


Dimensions & weight  
Width 2489 - 2600 mm
Height to cab roof 3110 mm
Length 8630 mm
Gross weight, standard version 14,620 kg
Gross weight, max 18,000 kg


Main dimensions

Dimensions - standard equipment

with standard buckets and 600/60x34 wheel fittings. Theoretical measurements, variations may occur.

A Transport length 8861 mm
B Wheelbase 2660 mm
C Excavator overhang 1100 mm
D Height above cab 3110 mm
E Transport height, excavator 4525 mm
F Transport length, excavator 2439 mm
G Ground clearance 515 mm
H Ground clearance angle, support legs 32°

Width support legs max.
Width support legs parked position

3700 mm
2460 mm
J Width front bucket 2600 mm
K Width across wheels 2600 mm
r1 Slew radius outside of bucket 6469 mm
r2 Slew radius, outside of wheels 5951 mm


Excavator unit                                                             
L Reach 6764 mm
M Depth 4492 mm
N Load height 4374 mm
O Digging width 4390 mm


Load unit                                                                  
P Reach 2662 mm
Q Lifting height, grading bucket 3500 mm
R Load height 45° tilted bucket 2690 mm
S Reach, 45° tilt angle 1030 mm
T Max. tilt angle 63°
U Load angle 40°
U1 Load angle in carrying position 46°
V Tipping angle, ground level 112°
X Excavation depth 90 mm


Y1 Height to top of working platform in transport position 3950 - 4080 mm
Y2 Height to top of arm in folded down position 3600 - 3880 mm
Y3 Height to top of arm in transport position 3840 - 4010 mm


Gross weight, standard version incl. buckets 14,620 kg
Gross weight, max 18,000 kg


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