Sjöbergs Entreprenad about the company and the new acquisition of HUDDIG 1370 CITY

Sjöbergs Entreprenad in Örnsköldsvik was founded in 2012 by Marcus Sjöberg. Sjöbergs Entreprenad has grown since the start from one full-time employee to 14 today. There are jobs all year round, and the number of machines has also increased. The company is based in central Örnsköldsvik, and work is carried out around the municipality.

Sjöbergs Entreprenad_03_BIG

"All the investments that I have made over time are still in the company. I still have almost all the machines I have purchased and do not buy anything unless it is long-term. Today, we have approximately 20 machines in the company and quite a lot of equipment and tools," Marcus says.

Sjöbergs Entreprenad currently has a HUDDIG 1370 CITY, which, together with his other construction machines, performs various tasks, such as electrical work, construction work, plumbing, water, and waste work.

"Our machine park allows us to be very flexible and versatile, which gives us a wide range of jobs and high utilization." He continues.

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