Specially designed hydraulics on Vemdalsgrävaren's HUDDIG 1370 conquer the Swedish mountains

Meet Jocke Kristoffersson from Vemdalsgrävaren.

The mountain world's terrain and heavy jobs like lift renovation puts his HUDDIG 1370 to the test. Thanks to smart equipment and a specially designed hydraulic lock for the crane in loader, he meets the challenge of safe lift work and heavy lifting on steep ski slopes.

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Jocke Kristoffersson was born and raised in Vemdalen, Northern Sweden. He grew up next to the construction company Vemdalens Åkeri, which had several different types of construction machinery. Jocke often sat in the co-driver's seat as a child. He has several good memories from that time.

"Vemdalens Åkeri had many machines; they had everything - backhoe loaders, excavators, wheel loaders. I remember sitting in the passenger seat in the cramped cabs with the drivers as a little boy. Later in life, my mother showed me a drawing in which I had written: "I will be an excavator operator when I grow up." And that dream came true."

Read the full customer case here.

Photos: Kenneth Grym, Destination Vemdalen


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