"The significant advantages of HUDDIG machines lie in their safety and cabin comfort."

Max Björklund works full-time on HUDDIG machines for Kungsängens Entreprenad, Sweden. Jonas Kilsgård, whom you might have seen in our feed before, owns and runs the company and often demonstrates our various HUDDIG machines.

Huddig News Max Big

Max and his colleagues are working on a large construction project in Sundbyberg, Stockholm, building rental spaces for different companies. Using their HUDDIG machines, they perform various tasks, including connecting pipelines, excavation, servicing, refilling, connecting water and sewage systems, and fine grading.

"A HUDDIG gives you superior 360-degree visibility around the machine. Compared to other machines that only have good visibility forward and to the sides, it's much easier to notice things you need to pay attention to in the surroundings and, of course, dangers. Depending on my sitting position, I also have rear-view cameras to see both forward and backward. The seat rotates 180 degrees, so I sit comfortably and safely regardless of the task. For instance, digging ditches is incredibly smooth with a HUDDIG."

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