About the company

Simple and ingenious

Our founder, Swedish contractor John Sonerud’s, vision of streamlining agricultural tractors by retrofitting excavators, was as simple as it was ingenious. Now, decades later, we have taken this idea and done something extraordinary.

Huddig develops, manufactures and sells HUDDIG excavator loaders for the overhead line, railway and construction industries. Our own brand, HUDDIG, has long been Sweden's market leader in excavator loaders. We offer the ultimate solution for effective work in the segments we call City, Cable and Rail.

HUDDIG excavator loaders employ a unique combination of articulated center pivot and transmission that allows the machine to operate in almost any terrain.

Since its inception in 1959, Huddig has made more than 12,000 excavator loaders.

How it all started

Our history

The year was 1959. Sweden's economy had really picked up after the war and the standard of living in the country was getting ever better. More homes would be built, new infrastructure would be created…


Our Policies

From local to global

As a company, we are committed to providing our customers with the best long-term value by consistently offering a machine that is applicable on a wide range of applications with superior quality and excellent service.

Huddig's excavator loaders are in demand all over the world and we currently have 25 authorized dealers in 13 countries. We are continuously growing in new markets.

Our head office is located in the coastal community of Hudiksvall, a city known for producing several global market-leading companies in many different industries.

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Huddig is a member of ’MaskinLeverantörerna’ (ML), the Swedish trade association for suppliers of mobile machines. The requirements imposed on member companies are an essential safeguard for our customers. A membership guarantees good industry knowledge, qualified staff, and a commitment to follow sound business practices and use the industry's standard delivery terms.

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