Our Policies

Environmental Policy
Huddig AB is environmentally certified according to ISO 14001:2004.

As well as complying with EU environmental requirements, Huddig AB also continuously improve its commitment to protect the environment.

The core areas of Huddig’s environmental efforts are:

Keeping any environmental impact to an absolute minimum, which includes consumption of raw materials, chemicals used during production and waste management during the manufacturing process.

  • Annually setting new goals and improving the environment policy. Communicating the environment policy to all employees, dealers and other personnel within the organization.
  • Informing customers on how to best care for and operate excavator loaders for optimum capacity and minimal environmental impact.
  • Equipping all excavator loaders with environmentally friendly engines that comply with EU requirements for exhaust emission control.
  • Using only engines that comply with future environmental requirements as the technology and components become available.
  • Constantly maintaining a high level of quality that contributes to the eco-cycle concept and promotes sustainable development.


Quality Policy
Huddig AB has the quality management certificate ISO 9001:2008.

In striving to constantly provide customers with long-term added value and confidence as a result of versatility, high quality and an excellent service level, Huddig’s quality assurances come from the following goals:

  • To develop, produce and market world-leading articulated excavator loaders
  • To sell mostly via authorized dealers To offer service, maintenance and repairs by accredited service providers
  • To ensure we can meet the customers’ requirements and expectations
  • To continually strive to improve and develop products, personnel, methods and our manner of working
  • To set annual goals for customer satisfaction and follow up on them
  • To ensure that all employees are aware of the Quality Policy, including dealers, suppliers and other collaboration partners.

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