Construction Manager


Bertil Gyllner

Construction Manager

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"HUDDIG was the first construction machine with hydrostatic transmission. Now we are pioneers in electric-powered machines for the next generation. We are constantly at the forefront, which is a common ambition through our entire organization, says Bertil Gyllner, Construction Manager at Huddig since 2007. When he looks back on his twelve years in the company he has, among other things, experienced the development and launch of several models including Tigon Technology."

Bertil has solid experience in the industry and has previously worked with forestry machines and construction projects in the US and Sweden, among others.

"A HUDDIG is a highly advanced construction machine that adds a completely different dimension to the work through its cutting-edge technology. The machine has, for example, a specially developed control system and many other advanced components."

He believes that the advanced technology in particular also drives the development team at Huddig.

"The level of technology, the product, and the community within the company are central parts of Huddig. Pride and a deep sense of responsibility characterize those who work here. Huddig's size also enables that everyone feels involved as everything is located at the same facility. It is easy for us to collaborate with our customers and if we have any kind of problem, the response, as well as the solution, will be very quick. "

The local ownership of the company is a strong success factor.

"Huddigs owners are local, Swedish, and deeply connected in the industry. This provides security and gives us a clear path forward."

Today, Huddig is at the forefront in the industry when it comes to cutting-edge technology in construction machinery and Bertil believes that Huddigs position will become even stronger in the future. 

"I believe that connected systems are the future. Digital excavation systems which can, for example, use sensors to indicate where the bucket tooth is positioned with millimeter accuracy. A connected machine also has intelligence and can give constant updates of the machine’s status and efficiency. The customer benefits with the technology are greater precision, a better workflow, and more efficient machines."

When Bertil looks ahead, he sees many opportunities. 

"I especially look forward to Tigon being released on the market. The rail industry in the US is also very interesting as is the rail industry in Germany where we have just become certified with the HUDDIG 1260D", Bertil concludes.


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