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Huddig is an innovative and technology-leading company with customers all over the world. We aim high and have ambitious goals. We need motivated employees to achieve them. We therefore try to build a business that best takes advantage of the skills, experience, drive and knowledge that exists with our employees. The goal is for everyone to feel that they are developing, are safe and well at work.

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Available Positions

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Working at Huddig

Huddig builds and develops machines from scratch, and drives sales and marketing from under the same roof. This gives an exciting dynamic that develops us, both as a company and people. We invest heavily in exports to Europe and North America, so there are good opportunities for those who want to work internationally. Huddig’s head office in Hudiksvall houses Product development, Construction, Marketing, Sales, Aftermarket, Purchasing, Logistics and Finance.

Living in Hälsingland

A position at Huddig may mean that you need to move or commute to Hudiksvall from elsewhere. Our municipality contains every opportunity to create a good life. Here you will find an exciting business community with successful companies, attractive accommodation at a good price, fantastic nature around the corner and a rich and varied cultural life, to name just a few of the benefits.

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Employee Portraits

Responsible for training and technical information

Lars Forss

Lars Forss has recently taken on his new role, in which he will be an important resource for the aftermarket department in providing information to retailers, service providers, and customers.

Production Technician

Lars Sundberg

Lars Sundberg works as a Production Technician at Huddig. Together with the team, he works to realize the ideas from the designer’s and take them from the drawing board on the way to become a finished product.

Production Leader

Henrik Frykman

February first, 2021, Henrik Frykman entered the role of production leader at Huddig. He previously came from the position as Group Manager at Iggesunds Bruk and has also worked as Site Manager at Aven.

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