Our employees are the foundation of our success. These amazing people are the soul of our company. Here you can read interviews with a few of our employees from different departments to get an insight into what it is like to work at Huddig.

Responsible for training and technical information

Lars Forss

Lars Forss has recently taken on his new role, in which he will be an important resource for the aftermarket department in providing information to retailers, service providers, and customers.

Production Technician

Lars Sundberg

Lars Sundberg works as a Production Technician at Huddig. Together with the team, he works to realize the ideas from the designer’s and take them from the drawing board on the way to become a finished product.

Production Leader

Henrik Frykman

February first, 2021, Henrik Frykman entered the role of production leader at Huddig. He previously came from the position as Group Manager at Iggesunds Bruk and has also worked as Site Manager at Aven.

Spare Parts Seller

Emelie Hjelm

On November 18, Emelie Hjelm stepped into her new role as a spare parts seller at Huddig. Most recently she comes from the position of spare parts manager at X-Maskiner and since childhood, she has had a burning interest in big machines. Now she is looking forward to taking on new challenges at Huddig.

Financial Administrator

Amanda Olskims

Amanda started the position as financial administrator at Huddig August 10th, 2020.

Aftersales Manager

Maria Thurin

”The work with aftersales covers the entire life of the product. It is important to find the best solution for each individual customer in every situation, and to be able to do this we need to work close together with all people involved.

Quality Manager for Welding Department

Fredrik Enberg

"Being a quality manager means that I am called upon for if something is wrong or if there is any doubt about the quality of a detail."


Göran Rydfelt

“Today we have a workflow where we pre-assemble more details. It feels good to constantly develop our ways of working in order to facilitate for each other.“


Magnus Sahlberg

"Huddig has something special, I felt it at the first visit. Pride and dedication are deeply rooted in the company."

Construction Manager

Bertil Gyllner

"Innovation and product development is the key to our success."


Oscar Jonsson

At Huddig’s assembly department the work tasks can be very varied. Something that assembler Oscar Jonsson can confirm.


Peder Wik

"The potential for personal development at Huddig is fantastic. That's what makes me feel so good here."


Maths Juntti

Maths Juntti is one of Huddig's many good welders. He has been working for the company for seven years and is really pleased with both the job and the workplace. "First and foremost, it's because I have such great colleagues", he says.


Anna Rindegren

Warranty claims as a great opportunity to provide good service.


Erik Gunnarsson

"It is together with and for the customers that we are developing Huddig."

Technical Support

Pontus Ingvarsson

"My 13 years as a mechanic at Staffare are worth gold today."

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