Mechanical Engineer


Johan Hallman

Mechanical Engineer

Huddig Medarbetarporträtt 960X520 Johan Hallman

Johan Hallman has been working as a mechanical engineer at Huddig since 2020. Before that, he came from Volvo CE as a development engineer, where he constructed hydraulic systems and was involved in developing hybrid systems for electrified construction machines.

He has been interested in technology since childhood, while his studies at Linköping University's M.Sc in Engineering sparked his interest in hydraulics. After graduation, his time at Volvo began with field support and parallel work on new developments of hydraulic systems.  

"At Volvo, I worked with product maintenance of systems fifteen years back in time to developing systems fifteen years ahead in time. To solve problems, you must learn how something works. Therefore, servicing existing systems is very instructive. The combination of service and new development was a good way for me to come up with new solutions to our challenges.  

His final years at Volvo were especially spent testing the hydraulic systems of the future and working on developing electric hybrids.  

"I spent many hours in the development lab at Volvo and had the privilege of working on several different solutions for electric and hybrid operation of construction equipment. Now the industry is maturing, and we see more electrified machines out in the field - it's an exciting journey to be a part of."  

Today, Johan is involved in several development projects at Huddig while solving problems in production. Something he greatly appreciates is the collaboration with his colleagues.  

"The exciting thing about my role at Huddig is that I am involved in many subject areas and subsystems and, therefore, work with virtually everyone. I am engaged in many things as hydraulics are interacting with hardware, software, electrical, and mechanical aspects. Solving problems in a machine that has never started is a different kind of challenge other than solving problems on machines in the field. I find this very exciting and challenging. 

He works a lot with Huddig's full-hybrid excavator loader HUDDIG TIGON, where he sees new opportunities for both the machine's performance and the industry.  

"There are many benefits to hybrid technology, not just environmental ones. By keeping the diesel at a steady, optimum speed and controlling the hydraulics with the electric drive, you charge the battery while getting a fast-responding hydraulic system, to name one significant advantage. It also means less wear and tear on the diesel engine. We've built a machine that reduces the carbon footprint while offering an improved operating economy and power.  

The electrification of the construction industry is in full swing but will take time, while the increased costs need to be covered.  

"The market has to pay the price for the green transition, which is expensive before all processes are optimized, and new technologies have matured. Given the challenges we face today, I believe we need new perspectives on energy supply. On the way to new standards, we also need action at the government and EU level - something we hope to see more of soon to make the transition sustainable and effective." Johan concludes 


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