Aftersales Manager


Maria Thurin

Aftersales Manager

Huddig Medarbetarporträtt Marua Thurin

Maria Thurin started as aftersales manager at Huddig on June 1st. With 30 years of experience from Scania, she now looks forward to take on new challenges at Huddig.

She sees relationships as the foundation of aftersales and believes that it is important to constantly strive to understand the customer's business in order to provide the best possible service.

”The work with aftersales covers the entire life of the product. It is important to find the best solution for each individual customer in every situation, and to be able to do this we need to work close together with all people involved. My work is much about being humble and listen to the customer, but also to be able to collaborate with many different people. The better we understand the customer's situation, the better products and services we can offer.”

The diversity in the aftersales offering is what attracts Maria and she believes that there is always more to learn and more products and services to develop.

”The work with aftersales is complex and includes, among other things, service agreements, spare parts, training of service providers and workshop services such as equipments, diagnostic tools and repair methods, which means that the work is always varied and challenging. It is important to constantly develop in order to meet the customer's needs.”

The target was set for Huddig for Maria already in 2019. When the position as Aftersales Manager opened in early 2020, she quickly made contact.

”I have long been interested in Huddig, both in the company and the product. I think that Huddig as a smaller company has a big advantage. There is a flexibility in processes and shorter decision paths here, which means that you can quickly solve problems and test new ways of working. In the end, this benefits the customers, which I see as a big bonus”.

Working with a product of high quality was another reason why Maria chose Huddig.

”In Scania, we always said that “Scania is King of the road” and for me – ”Huddig is King of the offroad”. I can't imagine a more exciting product to work with and where customers are really willing to invest long-term in their machine.”.”

Maria is now looking forward to use her experience to develop the aftersales offering at Huddig and get to know both colleagues and customers.

”It will be exciting to get to know the customers. In a way HUDDIG customers are like Scania customers. They love their machine and will have a long relationship with their HUDDIG as well as with us. I also look forward to get to know all the service providers and dealers. With my background, I have a lot of thoughts and experiences that need to be reviewed and developed into this new context, which will be very exciting. It´s fun, there’s always more to learn, Maria concludes.”


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