Spare Parts Logistician


Marie Fall Selin

Spare Parts Logistician

Huddig Medarbetarporträtt 960X520 Marie Fall Selin

Marie Fall Selin is working with spare parts logistics in Huddig's Aftersales team since June 20th, 2022. After 22 years as a physiotherapist, she decided to switch professions and attended "Green Logistics Management" at the University of Technology in Örebro. Sustainability is close to her heart, and she now looks forward to collaborating with colleagues to improve and refine sustainable processes. 

The choice of education with an emphasis on sustainability in all courses was based on Marie's interest in environmental issues, environmental goals, and logistics development from a sustainability point of view. 

"I'm passionate about sustainability in workflows; therefore, choosing a "green" education was natural to me. Humans have an enormous power to find new solutions together. Collaboration is vital in sustainability as we need to implement a way of thinking and working that permeates everyone in the company, in all departments." 

The production chain and the product attracted her to complete her internships at Huddig during her studies. 

"Huddig is an exciting company looking at it from a logistical viewpoint. The entire production process is kept in-house, from processing raw materials to the final product, a large excavator loader. I gained insight into all parts of the chain - from purchasing to production and distribution. Owning the entire chain allows you to influence sustainable choices." 

When Marie had the chance to apply for the position of Spare Parts Logistician and was offered the position, the choice was easy 

"Huddig is a fantastic company, and the workplace is genuinely pleasant. It feels very positive to be part of the team here. Working with high-quality spare parts contributes to increasing the product's life, an essential aspect of sustainability that I look forward to working with. Not least, given Huddig's local focus - I believe that the value of the local perspective and material supply has come up on the agenda for more companies during the pandemic.  

When Marie looks ahead, she believes that the construction industry is moving towards hybrid and electric construction machinery. She also believes that companies bear a great responsibility for sustainable development. The industry is not only a problem but also part of the solution to the climate crisis. 

"Huddig has already taken and is taking significant steps in sustainability for the construction industry - not least with TIGON, Huddig's hybrid machine, where the technology, Tigon Technology, is also developed within the company. In addition to the responsibility to contribute to sustainable development, it is a competitive advantage to be at the forefront of offering sustainable solutions. I am proud to be part of a company that leads the way for and drives that development", Marie concludes. 



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