Technical Support


Pontus Ingvarsson

Technical Support

Huddig Medarbetarporträtt Pontus Ingvarsson

When a service provider needs help with more advanced problem solving, they contact Pontus and his colleagues.

"We start by troubleshooting remotely, where we assist service providers on the phone. If it is a difficult problem, we go out and troubleshoot the machine. We test different ways until we have solved the problem. If needed, we connect construction and other departments. We do everything we can to get the machine rolling again."

Pontus and his colleagues also educate service providers so that they can help the customer in the best possible way.

"The right skills are needed when servicing a Huddig. The technology is continuously updated and contains both advanced hydraulics and electricity that interacts."

In Pontus’ daily work, he encounters different types of situations and problems.

"I use my head all the time. Since there is a great variety of issues that come in, it is necessary that we who work with support stay up to date with the latest technology and quickly are able to find the correct information. We stay at the forefront of development and work closely with the constructors in order to provide the best possible service."

Huddig also handles support cases from service providers in other countries, such as the US, Germany, Norway, and Eastern Europe. This means that support is needed in English and partly other languages.

"It is important to communicate in the best possible way. Google translate is used extensively at times", he says laughing.

He sees the strong and positive culture and Huddig's technology level as an important success factor.

"From the small Huddig factory with around 114 employees, the world's most advanced excavator loader enters the world market, that’s big. At Huddig we are like a family – we have a very strong team spirit to produce an awesome end product. It makes no difference here if you are working at the construction department or in the production – everyone solves the problems together."

 A clear proof of Huddig's innovative power is Tigon technology, our full hybrid technology. Pontus looks forward to Tigon coming to the market.

"Tigon is a new era, something brand new. Of course, this also means lots of new technology, which both we and our service providers need to learn. It feels challenging and exciting at the same time. I am encouraged by developing and learning new things", Pontus concludes.


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