Area Sales Manager


Veikka-Pekka Huunonen

Area Sales Manager

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Veikka-Pekka, VP, joined Huddig in 2015. After working in different positions, he is currently in the role of Area Sales Manager ASM, where he is responsible for export sales to Eastern Europe. He supports existing dealers and establishes contacts for new dealers of HUDDIG with the mission to make the construction industry more effective.

VP started as an aftersales manager at Huddig OY in Åbo, Finland, where he was responsible for building the aftersales department and creating the service structure. He later became Sales Manager, and when the Huddig export structure was reorganized in 2019, he entered the role of ASM.

"As ASM, I'm responsible for our export sales to Finland, The Baltic Countries, Poland, and the Czech Republic. I act as a link between Huddig's factory and the dealers. I also always have an eye open for new dealers of HUDDIG in new and existing markets."

VP grew up around earthmoving machines and excavators since his father ran a construction company. He worked as a machine operator in his father's company for ten years.

"I understand how it feels to sit 14–15 hours daily in an excavator and have your full life attached to the business. This experience greatly benefits me today regarding contacting our clients and understanding their situation."

He finds his after-sales and technical support background very helpful in the relationship with customers.

"My experience in after-sales is of great value in my role today because I know the product inside out. By starting in sales, I created an understanding of what is important in purchasing. I can, therefore, better understand both sides in a deal."

The decision to work at Huddig is based on the fact that innovation is a strong driving force within the company. Offering new solutions for the whole machine industry, for example, the full-hybrid machine HUDDIG TIGON, is something VP values significantly.

"I love the company, the product, and the brand. It feels like being part of a big family, and I look forward to continuing to be part of the story one day at a time. I am proud to be a small part of such a creative and innovative company."

He is motivated by working together with the Huddig team and bringing them customer feedback to improve the machine further.

"I get energy from helping clients succeed in what they are doing. Teamwork spurs me on, whether it's with my colleagues or clients. At Huddig, we use the client's feedback to improve and build the HUDDIG machines – they are developed with our customers and to their needs."

The development of the construction machines and the whole industry's electrification are giant leaps that VP sees coming ahead.

"There is much important work to be done to make the decision-makers understand the importance of ordering environmentally friendly services when it comes to construction. It would help if you looked at the pricing at some point, and a significant shift needs to occur when hybrid and electric construction machines are entering the market. "

Furthermore, VP looks forward to continuing to grow with existing dealers and working to expand Huddig's authorized dealer network in Eastern Europe.

" The HUDDIG-machine can make a big change in the construction industry and increase efficiency and profitability for many companies. I am proud to collaborate with our dealers and to spread the word of a HUDDIG-machines unique versatility and strength," VP concludes.


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