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Peter Elvingdal erects gigantic tents with his HUDDIG 1260E

Huddig Kundcase Peter Elvingdal

In collaboration with other construction machines like crane trucks and mobile cranes, Peter Elvingdal stays busy erecting tents with his HUDDIG 1260E. The summer months are filled with festivals, events, and more, where Peter ensures that various types of tents are set up.

This ranges from smaller tents to gigantic ones measuring an impressive 65 meters in length, 50 meters in width, and 16 meters in height. Among other things, Peter has been involved in constructing the festival "Kulturfestivalen" in Stockholm City, including central locations in the Swedish Capital like Kungsträdgården, Karl XII's Square, Norrbro, Strömbro, and Skeppsbron.

When it comes to erecting tents, precision is of the utmost importance. This is where Peter gets most benefits from the flexibility of his HUDDIG 1260E.

"The versatility of my HUDDIG machine is crucial for maintaining a high workload and occupancy within my business. This is my second season erecting tents and I found that my machine is perfect for these jobs, demanding strength and high precision," Peter says.

Depending on the tent type, 3-5 people typically work together. The team constructs the tent's frame and structure and installs the canvas – the process varies depending on the tent's size. The tent is fully raised once the canvas is in place, or the arches are raised first, then the canvas.

"For instance, one gable arch can weigh up to 7.5 tons. First, we set up the roof arches for a hall, then the canvas is assembled. Mobile cranes lift the most prominent arches; sometimes, a machine pulls up the roof canvas. Other times, it's done manually, depending on the tent's size."

Starting as a plumber and carpenter, running and owning his own construction company, Peter gradually transitioned to operating various construction machines. He recognized the need for a construction machine providing a very high level of versatility, so he invested in a HUDDIG.

"I worked in different residential areas, building houses. The neighbors asked me to help them solve problems my HUDDIG would quickly fix, and my reputation spread further. Over time machine operation took precedence, and now it's all I do."

During winters, Peter performs different kinds of service jobs like snow removal and maintenance for various associations in Bålsta, north of Stockholm. In the summers, setting up tents takes up all his time, from around April 1st to September 31st, which is the active tent season.

"Im busy all year around and get to do what I love: drive HUDDIG. I stay motivated by having a very varied workday and keep solving new problems." Peter concludes.


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