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The HUDDIG 1260E became a giant leap forward in the industry when we used all our experience to refine our model range further.

Equipped with Cummins' Stage V 6.7 liter turbocharged diesel engine and with various improvements, The HUDDIG 1260E took the overall functionality and usability to the next level. For example, the possibility to connect the machine via Bluetooth to update software and add new services. This also meant that our service technicians could also troubleshoot the machine remotely. Note that the model is not produced new but only sold used through our dealers.

Product information:

  • 6,7 l Turbocharged Cummins Diesel engine Stage V
  • Improved precision in hydraulics
  • 10 inch touchscreen with an icon-based user interface
  • Full overview of all the functions of the machine on a display
  • Improved visibility between hood and loader turret to facilitate loading
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Technical data

Model Cummins QSB6,7 EU Stage V / EPA Tier 4 Final
Type 6-cylinder, water cooled, turbo charged, charge air cooled, 4-stroke diesel engine
  Firing order 1-5-3-6-2-4
Fuel Diesel
Cylinder displacement 6,7 litres
Power output 116 kW (157 hk) at 1900 r/min
Torque 662 Nm at 1100 rpm



Hydrostatic with variable pump and motor, both axial piston type. Gearbox, with low and high ranges.

Wheel axles with hub reduction.

Hydrostatic oil volume Tank 16 litres, total 25 litres
Gearbox ZF/2HL 290 Two ranges (high/low). Can be shifted during operation.
Wheel axles Conical angle gear, automatic laminated disc differential brake, planetary train type hub reduction.
Speed Motor vehicle class 1    Low 0-10 km/h, High 0-40 km/h
Motor vehicle class 2    Low 0-10 km/h, High 0-30 km/h


Wheel fittings    
Standard Trelleborg (heels) 620/60x34 Width across wheels 2600 mm
Alternatives Trelleborg (twin) 600/65x34 SB Width across wheels 2600mm
  Trelleborg (twin) TM2000 620/75x26 Width across wheels 2600mm
  Nokian TRI HD 580/65x34 Width across wheels 2600mm
  Nokian 600/65x34 SB Width across wheels 2600mm
  GoodYear GP-4D 23,5 R25 Width across wheels 2600mm
  Other wheels are available for machines equipped with rail running equipment.


Brake system  
Transport brakes Dual circuit brake system with two accumulators.
Wet disc brakes on all wheels, proportionally operated with hydraulic servo.
Auxilary brakes One of the two transport brakes circuits or parking brake.
Service brake Automatic application of transport brakes when the gear selector is in neutral position and the machine is stationary.
Parking brake Electrically operated disc brake in the gearbox. (Mechanical negative braking action).


Steering system  
Type Hydrostatic frame pivot steering. Two double action hydraulic cylinders on the gear frame.
Steering devices Steering wheel:
  Manually operated Orbitrol with proportional function. Approx. 5.5 (2000°) turns between end positions. 
  Electrically operated valve with proportional function. The joystick is also dependent on vehicle speed in that steering assist is redcued as speed increases.
Steering angle ± 32°
Rampendling ± 8°
Bildskärm  10" TFT colour touchscreen


Eletrical system  
System voltage 24 V
Generator Alternating current 100 A
Battery Two pcs, series connected 12 V, 100 Ah


Operating hydraulics  
Type Load sensing (LS) with two variable axial piston pumps.
Pump 1 Variable axial piston pump with 60cm3  displacement mounted on the pump distribution box and supplying the following function:
  - Orbitrol steering (prioritised)
- Brake system (prioritised)
- Loader unit
- Excavator unit
- Joystick steering
- Hydraulic motor outlet
Pump 2 Variable axial piston pumps with displacement 100cm3, capacity controlled, mounted on the gearbox and supplying the following functions:
  - Loader unit
- Excavator unit
- Hydraulic motor outlet
Max operating pressure Standard 23 MPa (233 bar) / Boost 26 MPa (260 bar)
Nominal maximum flow 175 litres / min @ 1000 rpm 260 litres / min @ 1500 rpm
350 litres / min @ 2000 rpm
Double-action outlet 1: max 50 l/min     2: max 90 l/min     3: max 90 l/min     4: max 90 l/min
Single-action outlet 1: max 90 l/min     2: max 170 l/min @ >1000 rpm



Main dimensions

 Dimensions -standard equipment                           
A Transport length 8 630 mm
B Wheelbase 2 600 mm
C Excavator overhang 1 100 mm
D Height above cab 3 110 mm
E Transportheight, excavator 4 380 mm
F Transportheight, excavator 2 300 mm
G Ground clearance 515 mm
H Ground clearance angle, support legs 32°
I Width support legs, Max
Width support legs, parked position
3 700 mm
2 460 mm
J Width front bucket 2 600 mm
K Width acoress wheels 2 600 mm
r1 Slew radius, outside of bucket 6 288 mm
r2 Slew radius, outside of wheels 5 760 mm


Excavator unit                                                            
L Reach 6 530 mm
M Depth 4 900 mm
N Load height 3 770 mm
O Digging width 4 200 mm


 Load unit                                                                  
P Reach 2 630 mm
Q Lifting height, grading bucket 3 500 mm
R Load height 45° tilted bucket 2 690 mm
S Reach, 45° title angle 1 030 mm
T Max. tilt angle 63°
U Load angle 40°
U1 Load angle in carrying position 46°
V Tipping angle, ground level 112°
X Excavation depth 90 mm


Y1 Height to top of working platform in transport position 3 975 - 4 073 mm
Y2 Height top top arm in folded down position 3 570 - 3 873 mm
Y3 Height to top of arm in transport position 3 840 - 4 003 mm


Gross weight, standard incl. buckets 13 200 kg
Gross weight, max 18 000 kg







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