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Your input and ideas on developing our machines are important to us.

We at Huddig have always worked closely with our customers, and our entire product range results from collaboration with machine operators, contractors, partners, and suppliers. Tips and suggestions that can make our products even better are gratefully received.

The ambition is for a HUDDIG to be like an extension of the operator's mind, a fast-responding and flexible multi-tool that can be used for a wide variety of tasks. A HUDDIG is developed for work in challenging terrain, indoor environments, railway work, and line construction, but there are certainly even more applications. Tell us how you want our products to work for the jobs you perform with the machine.

We will pass on your suggestions to our development department.
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At Huddig we develop and manufacture one of the world's most advanced construction machines. We have some of Sweden's sharpest engineers with cutting-edge expertise in software, hydraulics, and mechanics.

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