Constantly at the forefront

At Huddig we develop and manufacture one of the world's most advanced construction machines.
To do this, the best engineers, access to the latest technology, reliable and quality-conscious suppliers, and not least courage and muscle are required to drive change.

At Huddig's development department, we work primarily in three main areas; software, hydraulics, and mechanics. We have some of Sweden's sharpest engineers with cutting-edge expertise in these three areas. In addition, we have people responsible for the development workshop and the technical documentation. To keep us updated on the latest research and technology, we work closely with Linköping University and the RISE research institute.

Advanced software

The software of the machines is having an increasingly more important role in our models. New features, improved tools and advanced control systems require smart software that makes the machines manageable, efficient and reliable. Our engineers continuously review the parameters of the systems to optimize, test and update the software – all so that you as an operator can take advantage of the optimal capacity of the machine.

World-leading hydraulics

We develop world-class machines. Our engineers are constantly working to optimize the interaction between machine, software and hydraulics, which means greater capacity, better balance, strength and precision in your work. We also collaborate with several leading players in other industries to jointly create new products and features. We are the product leader in our class.

Reliable mechanics

Our machine models are built to work in all types of terrain – regardless of the season. This places high demands on machine mechanics and functionality. After more than 60 years in the industry, we know what works and what it takes to build a machine for the harsh Nordic conditions.

Winning collaborations

The development of Huddig's new products and services takes place in close cooperation with our customers, as well as suppliers. Consistent high quality at all stages is a given to us. We therefore place high demands on the people we work with in order to deliver products and service of the highest class. Fortunately, many people want to work with us - not because we sell the most machines, but because they feel that they can develop best with us.

Tigon Technology

In 2009, we were commissioned by Huddig's board to develop a machine with as little environmental footprint as possible. Reducing energy consumption was the main goal. We started from HUDDIG 1060 which we niched towards the CITY segment where the environment was one of the most important parameters. The development work was conducted in great secrecy for several years and in April 2015 Tigon Technology was launched - unique full hybrid technology that attracted great international attention.

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