RailCom on the order of two HUDDIG TIGON hybrid backhoe loaders

Mikael Eriksson, one of the founders and owners of RailCom AS has worked in the construction industry for over 30 years and has been operating in Norway since 1993, where RailCom is his fifth company. The company operates in the railway industry and carries out new construction and maintenance of railways and tramways. During his career, he has so far purchased 25-30 HUDDIG machines at various companies. The answer to the question "why HUDDIG?" is that Huddig is the best in the business regarding excavator loaders.

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"Investing in construction equipment means two things - quality and stability. Quality costs at the beginning and pays off in the long run. Stability is the same - the machines must be reliable for the company to deliver high quality on an ongoing basis. It's about being proactive and long-term to ensure the company's competitiveness, and for us, this starts with good operators and machines."

RailCom is in its thirteenth year and currently has five HUDDIG RAIL machines. This, he says, is primarily thanks to strong cooperation with partners, customers, and suppliers.

 "Our success is mainly due to relationships and collaboration. We have always received exceptional service from dealer Morgan Sannes at Bamble Mekaniska and have worked closely with Pandrol, consultants to the rail industry. Our customers are essential, and we are grateful for our long association with Sporveien and Banenor, among others."

Mikael believes that the demand for sustainable contracting services will increase in the future, which is why RailCom ordered two of Huddig's full hybrid excavators TIGON in 2020.

"We are working in Oslo city center and are already noticing that the demand for an environmentally friendly alternative for our services is increasing. We believe that hybrid machines are the future of the construction industry. We look forward to the spring in 2023 when we expect to receive our two HUDDIG TIGON machines."

He explains the background of the investment in full hybrid excavators and his thoughts on environmental requirements. 

"We decided to invest in hybrid excavator loaders to do what we can to increase sustainability in the construction industry. Currently, our customers also request sustainable services, which we believe will evolve into environmental requirements in the future."

Looking to the construction industry's future, Mikael also sees that environmental requirements are needed for a sustainable transition.

"I hope that sustainability will become a requirement in contractor's calculations. I think this is key to making the transition sustainable, and not least economically feasible, as hybrid technology is a more considerable investment than diesel machines. Proactivity is the key to sustainability, and we hope we will pay dividends given this effort," Mikael concludes.


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