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Our revolutionary hybrid system - Tigon Technology - allows you to work fully electrically or in conjunction with the powerful diesel engine that can recharge the battery in 40 minutes.

A machine with Tigon Technology can operate entirely on electric power for up to two hours without compromising strength, torque or precision. When the machine needs charging, the motor starts automatically and charges the battery to 100% in just 40 minutes. This means lower fuel consumption, reduced emissions, and new applications.

Back in 2012, we made the decision to create a sustainable drive system to take the construction industry into and through the green transition. For three years, our designers worked on several different ideas, developed the technologies of the time, built prototypes, and in 2015 Huddig presented the first concept machine to the world. Since then, we have further improved the system, and in 2022 the first series-produced model was launched - HUDDIG 1370T.


Step in to the future with Tigon Technology

Ikon 100% Diff

100% Differential

100% four-wheel drive with individual wheel control provides optimal accessibility and control on, for example, slippery surfaces.
Ikon 130%

130% Power peaks

Instantaneous Power Peak of up to 30% provides extra power when needed.
Ikon Bränsle

Top efficiency

Optimized efficiency and energy recovery at all times results in an excellent operational economy.
Ikon Plugin


Plug-in-option for stationary work and charging the machine from the main electrical network. Quick charge to full power in 1 hour or trickle charge overnight.
Ikon 2H

2 Hours of power

Up to 2 hours excavating or 20 km of travel on battery power alone. The battery recharges during work using the diesel engine.
Ikon Mute


Operates silently and without any emissions in EV mode. This means that the machine can work in new places, like indoors and in residential areas by night.
Ikon EV Ny


The EV mode allows the machine to work on 100% battery power without any loss in functionality or power.
Ikon ECO Ny


The ECO-mode powers the machine as environmentally friendly as possible with a mix of diesel and electricity.
Ikon PWR


POWER-mode produces extra power to the machine as environmentally friendly as possible with a mix of diesel and electricity.

We are very proud that the new generation of powerful and hybrid-powered backhoe loaders is now coming to market and we are convinced that these models will fundamentally revolutionize the construction industry.

Daniel Myrgren
Marketing and Sales Manager, Huddig

A closer look at Tigon Technology

Boost and charge

The EMGs (electric motor generators) contributes with both extra power when needed and recharging of the battery while working. The efficiency of the EMGs are considerably higher than in a conventional mechanical power train and because they are directly connected to the wheels, the loss in efficiency is minimal.

100% Differential

Each wheel is powered by a separate EMG which can adjust and calibrate the speed of the wheel over 100 times per second. This means that the machine can work with optimal traction on all different kinds of ground conditions.

Mute and plug-in

The machine can work silently in up to 2 hours on battery power alone – perfect for night shifts in residential areas. By connecting the machine to the powergrid using the Plug-In-option, it can continue the work as long as needed without sound and emissions.

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Under the shell of Tigon Technology

Product information

When we built the first Tigon Technology machine, we were sure it was a groundbreaking step for both the industry and for the construction machinery of the future. The choice of a hybrid option provided more opportunities for a longer range and greater versatility by combining the reliability of the diesel engine with the efficiency and torque curve of the electric motor. We have not only created a machine that is sustainable for the future and which sets a new trend with two combined power sources – but we have also built a machine that is superior to the energy efficiency, torque, and off-road ability performance of previous generations of machines. Tigon Technology combines the best of both worlds – electricity, and diesel and with our solution, we have embarked on a sustainability journey for a better future both environmentally and performance-wise.

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