The HUDDIG machine’s versatility increases profit for Lockwood Construction

A trip to Sweden in 2017 planted the seed of buying a HUDDIG machine. Shortly thereafter, Robert's dream became true, and today he owns a HUDDIG 1260C that runs constantly.

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Robert Lockwood is the owner and founder of Lockwood Construction in Tacoma, Washington, United States. The company was founded in 2018, and today it has ten construction machines, one of which is a HUDDIG 1260C.

He has always been interested in business and construction, and at the age of 18, Robert wanted to work as an excavating machine operator. When not rapidly finding a job, he contacted Caterpillar and simply bought an excavator and started his own company.

"Actions are the key to success, and I didn't doubt about starting my own company. I knew the construction industry was the right choice for me. My first machine was a CAT 420 Excavator – I have always loved excavators because they are versatile and really useful for small businesses. Plus, they demand skilled people."

In 2017, Robert took a trip to Sweden and, for the first time, laid his eyes on a HUDDIG-machine.

"What struck me was that a HUDDIG is so versatile and that you can drive backward – this makes a big difference in your efficiency at the construction site. When I returned home, I contacted Vancer and bought my own, which turned out to be a very strategic choice."

Primarily Robert has made the HUDDIG-choice for two reasons – versatility and reversed drive.

"The reversed drive is the number one reason for us to drive HUDDIG. Other types of construction machines do not have this feature that makes you go from clumsy to versatile. When performing all kinds of service jobs, digging deep sewer water, grading roads, shoulders, etc., it is indispensable."

Versatile machines and skilled people give a competitive advantage and increase profit.

As a fairly small company, we can compete with big contractors thanks to high technology, versatile machines, and very skilled operators. An excavator is an excellent support machine in many projects. The HUDDIG machine's versatility increases profit because I can replace three machines with one – going from five machines to two in a project makes a huge difference to profit, and this has been the case for us since investing in a HUDDIG.

The electrification of the construction industry is approaching, and Robert gives his thoughts on this area.

"We have a diesel-electric bulldozer, and it's way more durable than diesel engines. Electrically driven machines have fewer moving pieces, which facilitates service and makes the machine more reliable. Another huge advantage with hybrid or fully electric construction machines would be to start at the construction site earlier and quit later, thanks to the lowered noise impact in residential areas, for example.

He is looking forward to investing in more HUDDIG machines and one day laying his hands on a HUDDIG TIGON.

I want to trade more machines for Huddig machines and do more extensive projects. Of course, I would love to get a TIGON of any sort, and the HUDDIG 1370T is a total dream machine, Robert concludes.


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