Källerman places major order at the Swedish Machine Fair

Niclas Källerman, who runs Källerman Entreprenad AB, placed a large order at the Swedish Machine Fair and is now expanding his business with three HUDDIG machines of the latest model.

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Niclas has already placed an order for a HUDDIG 1370 RAIL for delivery in the autumn of 2022 and came to the Swedish Machine Fair to see the new models. Once there, he felt so satisfied with his choice of machine that, after some consideration, he decided to expand his business further and buy two more machines.

The choice fell on another RAIL-equipped HUDDIG 1370, expected to be delivered in 2023. Källerman Entreprenad AB also took the opportunity to take a big step for the green transition by ordering a RAIL-equipped HUDDIG 1370T, our full hybrid.

"With the changes we are seeing in the world, we want to prepare ourselves, or rather, be among the first to be able to offer construction services with reduced carbon emissions. We have been following the testing of TIGON and are impressed by the increased performance, combined with the machine being a hybrid."

"Further benefits of using hybrid technology, besides the environmental benefits, obviously include the working environment for those in and around the machines. I think that the reduced noise will be appreciated and also be able to make projects more efficient by, for example, being able to work in densely populated areas and at night," Niclas concludes.


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