Morgan Sannes on the company and the delivery of Norway's first full hybrid backhoe loader

Morgan Sannes is one of the owners of the family company Bamble Mekaniske Industri (BMI) in Norway, a company that builds and supplies machinery with equipment and accessories for the construction industry. The company was founded in 1960 as a local service workshop for transport, construction, and agriculture under Sannes Sveiseverksted. Today the company has customers in many different segments, especially in the railway sector. BMI has also recently delivered Norway's first full hybrid excavator loader to a customer.  

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"Delivering the first full hybrid construction machine is a big step both for us and the construction industry in Norway. Trondheim Municipality, which received the machine at the beginning of February 2023, is already actively converting its fleet to run on renewable fuels such as biogas, HVO, and electricity."  

Norway is very advanced in the electrification of the private sector, such as transport vehicles, where more than 50% of new cars sold are electric. In the coming years, the green transformation of the construction industry will have increased focus.  

"The green shift has taken off, particularly in the public sector, which also pushes for the electrification of construction equipment and trucks. Huddig's rechargeable full hybrid excavator loader has been long awaited in much of the market, where Trondheim Municipality is now paving the way with the 1370 TIGON CITY they just received. It will act as a service machine in the Municipality of Trondheim and be used, among other things, to construct parking lots, snow clearing, roadside maintenance, and build new recreational areas for the municipality's residents.  

Today, 80-90 HUDDIG machines are in operation in Norway, and about 90% of them are railway machines. Morgan believes that versatility has led to an increase in the number of HUDDIG machines yearly in Norway.  

"As in Sweden, there is an excellent need for railway maintenance in Norway, which has led to a natural focus on the RAIL segment, where we also have a whole arsenal of accessories that we help our customers to install. The other central part of the market is occupied by CABLE machines that work for utility companies in both the new construction of power grids and the maintenance of existing ones.  

The choice of HUDDIG is mainly based on the flexibility and versatility of the machine.  

"The versatility of a HUDDIG machine is appreciated by contractors where it is required to solve several tasks quickly and efficiently. This makes Huddig our obvious choice," Morgan concludes. 


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