There are plenty of reasons to invest in a excavator loader for your enterprise. The versatility and flexibility of the machine make it highly usable in many different tasks. This means that the excavator loader often has a higher degree of chargeable time compared to other “traditional” construction machines. This leads to higher revenue and a quicker return on investment. But what exactly are the core benefits of these machines? We have listed the top five below:


#1 The versatility

This is the most obvious benefit when choosing a excavator loader. It is a machine that can be tailor-made to your needs with different kinds of equipment that enables it to replace several “traditional” construction machines (for example an excavator, crane, and skylift). This means that you dont need to use several different machines to do the job – with a HUDDIG excavator loader you lower the overall fuel consumption and can finish the job with only one machine and one operator.


#2 The mobility

Many of the specialized construction machines are relatively slow when it comes to getting from one project to the next. In the worse case, they have to be transported on a trailer which results in even higher costs for the project. A HUDDIG excavator loader can be driven on public roads at speeds up to 31 mph and will be ready for action at the next site faster and easier than most other machines. This means less time between projects and more chargeable time.


#3 The TCO (total cost of ownership)

A excavator loader is often a bit more expensive than single-task construction machines, but due to its flexibility and versatility, the TCO of a excavator loader is far superior to others. A excavator loader, like a HUDDIG, has often a much higher level of chargeable time with increases the profit and results in a quicker return on investment.


#4 The resale value

With world-class build quality, durable parts, and proven long-term functionality, a excavator loader has an especially high resale value. As our machines often have two, three, or even more owners during their lifetime, the high resale value is an important key when its time to upgrade to a newer model.


#5 The handling

Huddig has spent over 60 years perfecting a hydraulic control system that stands out in the business. The unique and sensitive handling capability of a HUDDIG is often the most important thing that HUDDIG operators talk about. That is the main reason why our customers come back to us when its time to upgrade. The handling of a HUDDIG is something you just have to experience in real life.


These were our five most important benefits of choosing a excavator loader. You can read more about our machines unique functionality and why your next construction machine should be a HUDDIG. 

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