Huddig Skills

We are now launching Huddig Skills - the ultimate challenge where you get the opportunity to show your skills in a HUDDIG in different, fun, and unique ways.

If you already drive a HUDDIG, you know how strong, flexible, and versatile our machines are. But not everyone has had the chance to experience that. That is why we are now launching the first edition of Huddig Skills, where both experienced HUDDIG drivers and skilled machine operators of other machine types, gets a unique opportunity to experience a HUDDIG in a slightly different way.

Many HUDDIG drivers testify to the machine's high performance and precision in hydraulics and transmission. Therefore, we wanted to develop a fun way to really put those qualities to the test.

Multiple events will take place in various locations around Sweden. Everyone is welcome to apply for a spot (there is a limited number of entries at each location) and the positions will be distributed randomly among those registered.

When all events have been completed the winners from each location are invited to Huddig's factory in Hudiksvall. Here, the first-ever Swedish champion of Huddig Skills will be crowned in an exciting final.

We believe that your skills will be more visible with a HUDDIG. Welcome to try them out in Huddig Skills!

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