Meet Rikard Karlsson - the new generation of HUDDIG drivers

Owning a HUDDIG has long been a dream for Rikard Karlsson, who lives in Hälsingland, Sweden. The goal was to own a new HUDDIG 1260D before he turned 25 years old. Through hard and dedicated work, he managed in a short space of time to take his business to a level where he had the opportunity to make that dream come true. The day before his 25th birthday, he picked up his new machine from Huddig's retailer Staffare in Hudiksvall. This makes him one of Sweden's youngest HUDDIG 1260D owners, if not the youngest.

Customer Visit to Railway Yard in Dayton, Texas

In conjunction with the NRC conference in the USA, we visited a customer at one of the railway yards in, Texas, which is owned by one of America's largest rail companies. They have a HUDDIG 1260C that has completed about 4200 hours.

Building a machine

Since 1959 we´ve developed and built innovative machines that have changed the history. Machines designed for optimal performance, built for efficiency, flexibility and safety.
With experience, knowledge and craftsmanship we have built more than 10 000 units until this day. And this is just the beginning.

Erik Molin - New COO at Huddig AB

On Monday, December 4, Erik Molin became the new Chief Operations Officer at Huddig AB in Hudiksvall. Erik comes from a position as Site Manager and Marketing Director at Iggesund Forest where he has managed a successful operation for many years. With his solid background in production and just over ten years as a manager, Erik will play an important role in Huddig's future development.


Extreme working conditions and deadlines are a constant part of working on railways. 

This makes enormous demands on safety and efficiency. 

The HUDDIG 1260D provides a system solution for railway track work that meets the highest regulatory requirements.

The HUDDIG 1260D gives you the ability to smoothly access and depart tracks, providing the greatest possible working efficiency – whether undertaking new construction or maintenance.